Watch Out for Look-A-Like Domain Cyber Threats

Recently, we've seen several victims fall prey to cyber threats like this which employ a combination of a phishing email to gain access to a mailbox and then waiting until the opportune time to hook the prey using a look-a-like domain.  Here's a short video explaining what happened:

Sneaky hackers purchase and set up fraudulent websites that are a close misspelling of legitimate ones.

Email Encryption—Recipe for Success

Unlike a scrumptious meal, some things are not meant to be shared.  Your business’ secret recipe might be a client list, a new product or service announcement, a process document or other trade secret.  Additionally, most organizations handle information such as employee or client social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, HIPAA information and more.

Run, Run Rudolph

Few songwriters have enjoyed hits with two songs about the same character. However, Johnny Marks did. He wrote “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” a 1949 hit for Gene Autry as well as “Run Rudolph Run” a 1958 hit for Chuck Berry. Both were based on the fabled reindeer created for Montgomery Ward in 1939.

Rudolph suggests you avoid the “reindeer games” that hackers use in phishing emails sent to scam you out of your data and financial resources.

Why You Need Email Encryption

Would you be upset if someone unintended read your mail?  What if the letter contained sensitive information?  Now consider email.  If you’re like many people these days, you send and receive literally hundreds of emails a week.

While we recognize that not all email is sensitive, there are times where you want to ensure the content of a message is kept confidential.