Email Archiving Benefits Go Far Beyond the Ability to Manage Storage Space

So much of the business we conduct in today’s corporate landscape is digital. According to Osterman Research, as much as 75% of your company’s intellectual property is contained within your email and messaging programs. At IT Radix, “Backup” is our middle name, but another tool we recommend for securing your important communications is Email Archiving.

Manage Industry Compliance and Be Prepared for an Audit

Email Archiving may already be familiar to you… it has been a useful storage management aid for years. However, its benefits go beyond the ability to manage the space your emails take up. All industries face compliance rules, and Email Archiving is designed to manage that. Having Email Archiving in place also ensures you are prepared in the event of an audit by indexing and retaining every email in and out of your mail server.

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First published in our February 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter