Frequently Asked Questions​

What do ya need to know?

img IT Radix Frequently Asked Questions​
Generally, we serve clients in the northern New Jersey area. We have clients as far west as the Pocono area of Pennsylvania, as far north as Ramsey, as far east as New York City, and as far south as Toms River. We also support branch offices all over the country including Houston, Seattle, and Richmond.

The entire company is run based on a strong set of values that, at the core, put clients first. You can read more about our core values here.

Also, unlike much of our competition, our approach is to do virtually no outsourcing of any work. The professional technicians who assist our clients are accessible, approachable, trained to be good listeners, and do not speak in “tech” language. We are all real, authentic professionals who live and work right here in northern NJ.

Yes. In many cases we are able to access higher discounts with vendors such as Apple, HP, Dell, Symantec, Microsoft, and others, so we pass these savings on to our clients. However, hardware and software sales are not a profit center for us, so we don’t push any products on you. If you wish to purchase your own hardware and software directly, you are free to do so.

IT, of course, stands for Information Technology. Radix is the Latin word for foundation or support.

We believe that information technology is one of the basic foundations of most successful businesses today. For most organizations, information technology supports the business, but is not the business itself. To be an integral part of a business’s support structure is what IT Radix is all about. Without a strong support structure, a business will fail. Working together, both will succeed.

Under an hourly support relationship you are paying the highest consulting fees when your systems are malfunctioning. We prefer to structure our agreements so that our interests are aligned: you don’t pay a penny more if we have to dedicate large amounts of time during downtime. Our motivation, and yours, is to keep the network operating in tip-top shape and prevent outages from occurring in the first place.

What most folks misunderstand about information technology is that there is nothing cookie cutter about it. While new hardware and software advances are announced frequently, our focus is never on that. Rather, we focus on how your business or organization works, how it uses technology, and how it wants to grow or become more productive. This means we offer our clients options customized for their business needs and budgets.

We like to say that our staff is filled with “geeks with personality.” For the proof, click here.

Yes! For many businesses, we understand that it is important to keep working capital within the company and spread large expenses evenly over time.

We offer a few financing options depending on the type of product/service and the amount. We even offer hardware leases for workstations, servers, and networking equipment. Just ask us to include financing options with your proposal.

For your convenience, we accept checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.