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Let’s talk shop! We get it — in the wild world of advertising, marketing and communication, things move faster than a caffeine-fueled brainstorm session. That’s where IT Radix steps in with the virtual equivalent of a superhero cape. We’re all about hooking you up with the tech tools that turn your client-service game up a notch.

We know that these days, the digital landscape is an intricate web of technology. We love a good challenge —solving technical challenges is our favorite thing to do. We’re your trusty sidekicks, helping you overcome technical obstacles and achieve success — all while keeping those precious client smiles intact.

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Are You a Digital Marketing Pro Using Mac or PC?

Downtime — a total buzzkill, right? Well, fear not! Our IT support isn’t just waiting in the wings; it’s keeping things moving and ready to swoop in if necessary to save the day. We’re not fazed by the Windows vs. Mac showdown. Our tech wizards are well-versed in both realms; so, no matter what digital realm you’re conquering, we’re right there with you.

Is Your Team of Marketing Professionals Working Remotely?

We know that your team isn’t always bound to a single place. Virtual collaborations and client meetings are your jam, and we know how to make that jam sweet. From setting up remote work solutions to keeping your team productive and secure, we’ve got remote working down pat.

Let’s make it official — team up with IT Radix and transform your agency’s technology landscape. We’re talking industry-specific know-how, a tech setup that’s smoother than butter, and security that’s tighter than your grandma’s knitting. Your mission: dishing out killer marketing and communication magic that wows your clients and has them coming back for more.

Not all technical solutions are evergreen, but our dedication to you is. Clients first — It’s one of our core values. We’re here to make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot in the partnership department. So, buckle up and let’s rock the tech world together!

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Our IT services and solutions for marketing and communications companies include:

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Proactive IT support and monitoring to minimize downtime and prevent missed deadlines

Robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive client data and maintain compliance

Cloud services for scalable and flexible storage as well as secure, easy collaboration

Data backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your vast digital assets are never at risk of total loss

Email and communication solutions for seamless client and team communication

Industry-specific software and application support for marketing tools and platforms