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Here is what some of our clients have said about us!
IT Radix is with us every step of the way!

IT Radix has been an extremely valuable addition to our team. We are a small company but have big IT needs, and we rely heavily on the expertise and attentiveness that IT Radix provides. From something as small as setting up a new computer to big things like replacing a server or restructuring the network architecture, IT Radix has been there every step of the way."

Brian Pray
Business Analyst
Longfield Gardens LLC
I realized how well IT Radix keeps up communication with their customers.

As I was reading your newsletter, I realized how well IT Radix keeps up communication with their customers. It’s both fun and very informative. Thanks for caring!

I think you guys are wonderful!"

Designer / Office Manager
Local fire and safety firm
IT Radix is an extension of us…

What do I like most about IT Radix? Absolutely everything! Their staff is courteous, considerate, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. They interact professionally but with personalities. They don’t act like robots. They are a pleasure to talk to…each and every one of them. I feel like IT Radix is part of us—an extension of us. They know who we are and what makes us tick. I never have to go into a long explanation because every one of them make us feel like they are right next door, and if an issue arises, anyone can solve it.”

Linda Guldner
Human Resources and Office Manager
East West Connection
I can say without any doubt that IT Radix has simply been the best IT partner I have found...

I have been an in-house IT manager for medium sized businesses for over thirty years. One of my principal challenges during that time has been finding a professional IT services group willing and able to assist our in-house IT staff (usually just me) with advanced technical and troubleshooting skills in critical situations.

Looking back over those thirty years, I can say without any doubt that IT Radix has simply been the best IT-partner I have found for that role. One factor stands out: consistency of staff technical excellence—other firms may woo you with their technical superstars but you may be disappointed with who actually gets assigned to your projects. In my experience, there are no weak links at IT Radix—I have been fully impressed with every technician with whom I have worked. And there seems to be excellent staff retention. A firm whose superstars leave can change almost overnight. It is a firm where learning, collaboration and excellence are evident elements in their corporate culture.

Finally, since we have an in-house IT staff, I am not a “big” customer of IT Radix—there must be others who generate more revenue. But I have never, not once, felt like a small customer. My problems, issues and projects have without exception been addressed and resolved in a remarkably timely and expert way. This is a level of excellence, delivered year after year, that I have never found in my thirty years…I just wish I had found them sooner!”

Michael Kozlowski
IT Manager
Community Health Law Project
It is so nice to have IT Radix actively monitoring things.

It is so nice to have IT Radix actively monitoring things. They call us when things go down, before we know it. It is so great to have that load off of us; it was so much different before. We are glad to be with IT Radix."

Legal administrator
Morristown-based law firm
Everyone at IT Radix is so friendly...we couldn’t ask for a better business to work with.

As a non-profit electronics recycling company employing only adults with developmental disabilities, we look for companies to partner with that share our mission and dedication to helping others. Everyone at IT Radix is so friendly...we couldn’t ask for a better business to work with. Last year, we were able to collectively recycle approximately 10,000 lbs of e-waste generated from the clients of IT Radix!”

Tim Butler
President, GreenVision Inc.
You have made my life soooo much easier...

Thank You to all my friends at IT Radix. You guys (and girls, of course) are TOPS in my book. You have made my life soooo much easier and made me so much smarter. You have made me laugh and we have all worked so well together. You have led me by the hand and the journey together has been smooth. Cathy, you have a terrific group of people working for you and together you are AMAZING!”

Executive Assistant
Local environmental engineering firm
Expertise and familiarity…

I appreciate the expertise (and persistence!) of their techs. The sharing of expertise among their techs allows familiarity with our environment resulting in a quicker turnaround time on understanding and resolving our issues."

IT Director
NJ-based property management firm
Having someone who knows the ENTIRE system well is tremendously helpful!

I’ve been very satisfied with the services received from IT Radix. I appreciate their quick response to questions and requests for service. Having someone who knows the ENTIRE system well is tremendously helpful!”

Georgeann duChossois
Parish Secretary
Christ Church
IT Radix is there when we need them…

I appreciate IT Radix’ reliability as well as their staff’s good people skills. I can relax and go on vacation knowing that IT Radix will be there if we need them.”

Chief Compliance Officer
Financial Services firm
I appreciate IT Radix’s awareness of projects that we should be concentrating on…

The best part of working with IT Radix is knowing that someone is always going to answer the phone! I like the fact that they have a dedicated staff appropriate for the business they are in, and we don’t have to wait for service because another client requires assistance. I also think the quarterly meetings are great. It is something we didn’t have with prior managed services, and I think it is a great proactive way of tackling things that may not have necessarily come up. Since hiring IT Radix, I appreciate their awareness of the projects that we should be concentrating on. Since bringing them on board, I no longer want to take the approach of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ They are helpful in identifying or confirming some of the maintenance projects that need to be done and have come up with a sequence and plan for each.”

IT Manager
Property management firm
IT Radix gives us peace of mind!

The services we receive from IT Radix as a whole are wonderful, but what we like the most is their prompt response. If our problem isn’t solved by phone, within hours someone is in our office. Without a doubt, the biggest benefit we receive from having IT Radix handle our IT support is peace of mind!

Executive Director
Local not-for-profit that brings music to those with the greatest need for the gift of human kindness.
The staff is very responsive and able to solve issues quickly...

Our firm has been using IT Radix for several years and we have been extremely happy with their services. The staff is very responsive and able to solve issues quickly which is important to us.”

Scott M. Feit
Prime Pensions, Inc.
Responsive and pro-active…

I appreciate IT Radix’s responsiveness to problems and their proactive approach to our networking needs.”

Matthew Murello
Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates
Great to know that IT Radix is looking out for us…

I appreciate IT Radix’s flexibility to let us fix the problems that we can handle on our own, while still being available to answer questions and step in when a problem is beyond our capabilities. It is comforting to know that our systems are being monitored and that we can expect a quick response if something happens. For example, our internet went down over the weekend, and we received a phone call on Sunday morning to alert us. Great to know that IT Radix is looking out for us even on the weekend!”

Jack Zybura
Staff Engineer
Lewis S. Goodfriend & Associates
Confidence that my business can withstand an IT hit…

I appreciate IT Radix’s unsolicited follow-up to ensure issues are resolved. I have a high level of comfort and confidence that my business can withstand an IT hit and recover.”

Norman Corn
Longview Results, Inc.
Worry-free IT company…

When our website was compromised, within 2 hours, IT Radix completely solved the problem and restored our site. I have a worry-free IT Company!”

Penni Mirti
Project Manager
Tudor Gardens
Expertise shared in a friendly and supportive manner...

In the 20+ years Cathy, Mike and I have been working together, I have turned to IT Radix for advice on all of our office technology decisions including: information, telephony and xerographic technologies. Cathy and her team have always shared their expertise in a friendly and supportive manner, helping me to understand it. This is among the many reasons why today, I feel lucky to have her as a colleague and a friend.”

Lisa Obolsky
New Jersey Builders Association
Follow-up, work ethic and problem-solving skills have always been stellar.

IT Radix staff’s calm demeanor under pressure, attention to detail, and logical approach to issues— large and small—make for a first-rate team. Their ability to communicate with others, based on their level of IT knowledge, to help prioritize options makes them exceptional. Follow-up, work ethic and problem-solving skills have always been stellar."

Jarvis Walker
SKG Consulting Inc.
Since working with IT Radix we have had no service problems and everything works flawlessly.

IT Radix is proactive and customer focused. Problems are addressed and fixed promptly and accurately. A few months ago our server went down late on a Friday afternoon. IT Radix not only alerted us, but offered to fix the problem that same evening. Since working with IT Radix we have had no service problems and everything works flawlessly."

Marc Reinhardt
President/Senior Regional Manager
Generali Employee Benefits
Network is being well-maintained and problems resolved asap…

The last fifteen plus years have been great! Knowing that our network is being well-maintained and that any problem will be resolved asap – 24×7 – is a comfortable feeling.. Cathy and Mike are a pleasure to work with. I am very satisfied with the services provided by IT Radix."

George Decker
Molly Pitcher Inn, Oyster Point Hotel
Above all they are business solution focused…

The decision to outsource something as important as IT is never easy. What swung it for IT Radix was their professionalism and responsiveness. Their experience has meant that they could anticipate some of the pitfalls we might face. Above all they are business solution focused rather than simply dwelling within their IT comfort zone – a huge comfort to people who just want their computers to work seamlessly."

Nicholas A. D’Apolito
Nicholas A. D’Apolito & Company
Quality Service…

The one thing I like the most about IT Radix is that everyone is professional, courteous and friendly. When I ask a question, they talk to me in layman terms, not computer terms…"

Maria Neglio
Executive Assistant
Dreifuss Bonacci & Parker
We feel fully confident in the management of our technology.

We decided to work with IT Radix because we were not happy with the management of our computers and servers. We had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. After years of being complacent, we decided that it was time to become more involved. IT Radix was there to guide us through the transition process step by step and they continue to help us get through our questions and offer guidance. IT is another language to us and we now have a good understanding of our system and feel fully confident in the management of our technology. IT Radix made the transition process easier than expected. Our only regret is that we didn’t take control sooner."

Marva Maher
Client Services Manager
International Employee Benefits Company
The staff is professional, willing to go the extra mile to solve issues… In addition, they are enjoyable to work with.

I was having a recurring problem with a printer. I spent an hour on the phone with the vendor, which ended up being fruitless. I ran the scenario by one of the IT Radix Technicians. He came up with a very quick, innovative and easy solution, basically a work-around. This avoided any further long frustrating calls to the vendor. He was able to briefly explain his thoughts in a way that was very understandable to a non-techy person like myself, which I really appreciate."

Mickie DeMatteo
Office Manager
Bankers Financial Corp

Covid-19 Pandemic Feedback:

The IT Radix staff has seamlessly transitioned to remote work...

The IT Radix staff has seamlessly transitioned to remote work without missing a beat for us!

I think you guys are wonderful!"

Executive Assistant
Catholic-faith-based not for profit
Your team has been top notch.

…your team has been top notch through this whole thing. They have been extremely responsive and timely. Thanks for all the support."

Local cyber insurance master broker/dealer firm
A Big Thank You to IT Radix

A Big Thank You to IT Radix, under pressure we have succeeded in existing through these tough times! Thanks everyone!”

Practice Administrator
NJ-based CPA firm

Hurricane Sandy Feedback:

Postman’s motto…

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds… That may be the postman’s motto (clearly old) but I think it should be IT Radix’s!

I think you guys are wonderful!"

Dana D’Angelo
Counsellor at Law
D’Angelo & D’Angelo
You saved my business…

I cannot thank you enough. You saved my business and for that I will never forget you and your team coming through.

Monica C. Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Before, during and after the storm…

I appreciated the email and phone calls that we received before, during and after the storm. You clearly have built and surrounded yourself with a GREAT team who truly understand “Customer Service.

Sean O’Brien
Managing Partner
O’Brien Wealth Management
We do appreciate knowing that IT Radix is in our corner in a crisis…

We do appreciate knowing that IT Radix is in our corner in a crisis, so thank you! Can you imagine the disaster of 7 days with no power in our busy season if we still had our old server? We really appreciated working in the cloud last week…the cloud solution was seamless.

Emily Grand
GHS Philanthropy Management
Attentiveness and Care…

Your attentiveness and care with not only our personal well-being, but our operations here at E&H left us feeling so appreciated and thankful that we have such a dedicated team at our disposal. We know that there are many deserving heroes that we read about from the firemen to rescue workers and so forth; however, during this difficult time, IT Radix’s staff were our personal unsung heroes as you made sure even if there was nothing you could do for us, that you kept communication open just in case there was something, however small, that would make working during that week that much better, and for that we want you to know how appreciative we are for your company and staff.

Ally Affilitto
Vice President/Operations
E & H Laminating