Employee Productivity Monitoring Solutions for New Jersey Businesses

Are you looking for the next new way to increase the productivity of your staff?
img IT Radix Employee Productivity Monitoring Solutions
img Employee Productivity Monitoring Solutions

Is reducing downtime and/or wasted time on your list of objectives for the coming year? Are you disappointed in the slow adoption by your staff of new applications that move your business forward? Would you like to exert just a bit more control over the websites your employees visit during the workday and the time they spend on them? We offer software solutions that will improve your company’s productivity.

Our employee productivity solution monitors web activity, from visiting websites to downloading unknown files, to prevent wasteful and potentially dangerous activity without affecting your overall operations. Our experienced consultants will seamlessly implement this into your network and configure it to your needs and preferences. Together, we will maximize your productivity, improve revenue, and prevent potentially harmful activity.

IT Radix’s employee productivity monitoring solutions enable your company to preserve productivity by:

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Filtering and/or blocking websites according to a wide variety of criteria

Monitoring certain words that might be indicators of activities that need to be addressed

Reviewing work in progress ensuring it is done to standards and policies

Monitoring and preventing the download of confidential data

Facilitating the adoption of new business software applications