Start the Year With a Clean Sweep!

January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month
The start of a new year is a traditional time for new resolutions.  You should consider resolving to Keep Your Computer Clean in 2022.  Here are a few things you can do regularly to accomplish that goal:
Check Your Backup
Before changing/deleting anything on your computer, be sure your key files are backed up and up to date.

One Smart Cookie

What Are Browser Cookies?
Browser cookies are small files used to collect information when you visit a website that personalize your experience and track your usage. This can be good and bad.

Three situations where you want to “pass the cookies” and decline are:

If the website is sketchy and non-encrypted (e.g., HTTP only).
If the cookie consent pop-up mentions third-party cookies.

The Keeper of the Secret Recipe

What Your Admin Staff Should Know About IT Security
Administrative professionals typically do not have a great deal of authority to make big decisions. However, due to their very important job responsibilities, their access to personal and confidential data makes them a highly sought-after target for hackers, scammers and criminals looking to make bank in nefarious ways.

We Give Back to Our Community

We Give Back
New IT Radix team members quickly discover what sets us apart from their previous work environments… and that’s how our team lives out the core value of “Giving Back.”

Inspired by Cathy, the entire staff believes in supporting our community in various ways:  a percentage of our annual profit is donated to employee-selected, non-profit organizations; donations are made to organizations of our client’s choice through our Referral Rewards program; an annual food drive is sponsored for the Interfaith Food Pantry; year-round collections of recyclable technology are donated to Green Vision (a program that teaches individuals with developmental disabilities how to properly dismantle and recycle unwanted electronics); and our team members participate in sports programs for disabled veterans.