MSP Cybersecurity Magazine

Check out the latest edition of MSP Cybersecurity magazine. In today's digital age where data breaches and cyberattacks have become alarmingly common, safeguarding your organizations digital assets is critical. In the feature article, Cathy Coloff shares how to get 20/20 vision with a cybersecurity checklist to protect your organization from the ever-present threat of cyberattacks.

6 Irrefutable Ways to be a More Effective, Influential and Successful Leader

According To America’s No. 1 Leadership Authority, John C. Maxwell
“How you lead determines how well you succeed.” – John Maxwell
If you’re like much of the population, at some point in your life, you’ve experienced poor leadership. Either you’ve had a boss that made you dread coming to work, or you have been part of an organization where the leader was difficult and focused on your shortcomings.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist

Is Your Business On The Path To Sustainable Growth?
Managers who have completed the Rockefeller Habits Checklist (which can be downloaded at often ask us two questions:

How did we survive/thrive for all these years yet have nothing checked off on the list?
Are the habits in any kind of order?

Responding to the first question, we remind executive teams that this is an execution checklist.

Sales and Innovation Secrets from the Queen of New York Real Estate

Barbara Corcoran can still remember many of the sweat-inducing moments in her climb to becoming the Queen of New York Real Estate. Business leaders looked to her as someone with a mind for sales-focused growth and innovation, while Corcoran claims she used childhood lessons from her Irish-Catholic parents and a competitive spirit spurred on by insults and undiagnosed dyslexia to push herself to innovative ideas that would serve as her lifeline.

Momentum NJ Magazine: 2023 | Issue 8

Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran is featured in IT Radix’s Momentum NJ magazine. Learn how her innovative mind transformed her from waitress to business powerhouse. Additionally, Cathy Coloff, IT Radix Managing Member, shares five essential tech tools to grow your business and two you should not waste your money on.