What’s Happening in the Shadows

The Risks and Rewards of Shadow IT
Shadow IT is when individuals in an organization use technology services or solutions without approval or oversight by management and IT. It’s simply IT that happens in the shadows. Just like an artist who might wish to create depth in a painting by adding shadows, staff often create shadow IT systems with the best of intentions.

Patch IT Up!

Software Patches are a Part of Essential Preventive Maintenance to Keep Machines and Networks Safe
The expected lifespan of cotton fabric is over 100 years. Yes, that nice blouse or shirt or those pants you look great in can have an extended life of that range! Too bad fashion makes some of these items outdated almost as fast as technology makes hardware and software obsolete! Of course, even during its short fashionable life sometimes that article of clothing might need some patching or repair sewing done to address some rips or tears.

Treasures Left Behind

There are huge security concerns with document printing and destruction for employees working from home (WFH)
If you have ever been to a casino and pulled the arm of a slot machine, you’ve experienced the excitement of hearing, Ding Ding Ding! You’ve hit the jackpot! This is how metal detector enthusiasts feel every time they take a metal detector and walk along the beach, a local park, or even their own property.