Let’s Talk Turkey About End of Life

We are well aware of the late November tradition when the nation’s Chief Executive pardons a turkey presented by the National Turkey Federation. The turkey’s life is spared allowing him to happily live out his days on a nearby farm. The ceremony traces its origins to 1863 when Lincoln’s son, Tad, apparently pleaded with his father to spare the life of a turkey brought to the White House for Christmas dinner.

Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

Stay safe while shopping online this season! Here are a few tips:

Shop Securely
When shopping online, confirm that your browser’s padlock icon is active and that the website is secure by looking for an “s” after the “http” at the beginning of the website’s URL address.

Bookmark the LEGITIMATE Websites You Frequently Visit

Quick Tip: Create a bookmark for the websites you visit often.

Why: Sneaky hackers purchase and set up fraudulent websites that are a close misspelling of legitimate ones.

For example, a hacker might use "faceboook.com" instead of "facebook.com". All you have to do is accidentally fat-finger ONE letter in the URL and up pops a very legitimate-looking, fake copy of the site you were trying to get to--and the login and links are full of keylogger malware and virus landmines waiting for you to click on them.

How to Spot a Phishing Email

Quick Tip: Type website names directly into your browser for any “phishy” offer delivered by email. That way you do not give away your log in information or download a virus.

Why: A phishing email is a bogus email carefully designed to look like a legitimate request (or attached file) from a site you trust in an effort to get you to willingly give up your login information to a particular web site or to click and download a virus.

Masquerading to Attack Your Network

Many of us enjoy Halloween and have a lot of fun dressing up and pretending to be someone or something we are not. Who doesn’t love a masquerade party? However, when it comes to your company’s network, a visitor in disguise is not welcome.

Most small and midsize business (SMB) owners focus on the day-to-day operations of their organization, driving growth, facilitating hiring and guiding marketing, without a single thought to the security of the computer networks these processes depend on.

Let’s Get Carving!

Leaves are falling and Halloween is right around the corner. Eager pumpkin carvers are preparing orange masterpieces to decorate their porches, but did you know the jack-o'-lantern once served an entirely different purpose?

The ancient tradition of the jack-o'-lantern was once believed to ward off unwanted spirits, scaring off monsters that might otherwise go bump in the night.