Is Wordle Tracking You?

Ad Tracking is Not Unusal
Many of us enjoy starting the day off with a cup of joe and a good online word game, like Wordle.  Online games may be free but may still come with a price… advertisement trackers!  Ad tracking is the practice by advertisers of tracking your online behavior and browsing habits to sense your preferences and target you with specific ads based on your interests.

Have a Cybersecurity Mindset

Make Cybersecurity an Ingrained Part of Your Company Culture
Your employees are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business from cyberthreats.  Human error is one of the single biggest culprits behind cyberattacks.  It comes down to someone falling for a phishing scam, clicking an unknown link or downloading a file without realizing that it’s malicious.

Momentum NJ Magazine: 2022 March / April Edition

Did you know that IT Radix is publishing our very own magazine dedicated to northern NJ businesses?  Check out Momentum NJ and learn more about current technology trends and business concerns of local organizations like yours and about the growing cyberthreats targeting small and large businesses alike.