The People Side of Cybersecurity

Your Employees Are Key to Your Company’s Cybersecurity
The list of key software and hardware devices and tools that today’s security-conscious organizations are applying against the threat of network breaches can go on and on...

…Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Multi-Factor Authentication, Backups, Encryption, White-Listing, Access Limitations, Strong Passwords, Virtual Private Networks, Open DNS, Spam Filtering, Guest Wireless Networks, Anti-Malware, Mobile Device Management, Sandboxing, Surveillance Monitoring, Anti-Keylogging.

Are You a High-Risk Business for Cyberattacks?

Medical, Banking and E-Commerce Industries are Hot Targets for Cyberattacks
Every organization at one time or another thinks “it will not happen to us,” but almost every organization is a target for cyberattacks from nefarious elements. Data breaches, phishing offenses, malware downloads, ransomware attacks are all on the rise across the board.

Lots of Layers… Too Hot for Summer but Great for Security!

Networks Benefit from Multiple Security Layers
And just like that, August has arrived. For many that means it is time to get away and enjoy some vacation time! Guess who is not on vacation—cybercriminals! While your staff tries to enjoy the last full month of summer, so too are the bad guys!

Attacks are on the increase and more sophisticated than ever.

LAYERS…Not Just a Way to Stay Warm, But a Way to Stay Secure!

A mantra of security that the IT professionals at IT Radix recite often is that when it comes to protection of a network and/or of data, layers of security is the answer. Some might say, it is the best answer.

We are fortunate to have one of the area’s most preeminent business and cybersecurity insurance firms as a client.