Watch Out for Look-A-Like Domain Cyber Threats

Recently, we've seen several victims fall prey to cyber threats like this which employ a combination of a phishing email to gain access to a mailbox and then waiting until the opportune time to hook the prey using a look-a-like domain.  Here's a short video explaining what happened:

Sneaky hackers purchase and set up fraudulent websites that are a close misspelling of legitimate ones.

Insider Threats: Scooby-Doo to the Rescue!

The Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Saturday-morning cartoon series featured four teenagers and their lovable, talking Great Dane, Scooby-Doo. These pals solved mysteries involving supposedly supernatural creatures through a series of antics and missteps. It only took the mention of a Scooby Snack to keep Scooby from being a scaredy-cat and rise up to foil the plans of an unsuspecting crook.

Strengthen Your Business’ Core Muscles with Security Awareness Training

Francis Bacon once quipped that “knowledge is power.”  Your business’ security is only as good as your users, so making sure your users have the power they need to keep your information safe is key to your business’ well-being.

Security can be a lot to tackle, considering that it covers everything from locking the doors to being aware of malicious payloads embedded in unscrupulous emails.

9 Things to do to Your Computer Network During the Quiet Month of January

The greeting cards have all been sent, the holiday rush is through, but IT Radix still has a wish to make and it is a special one for YOU! That wish is that you take advantage of the quiet moments in early January and do some things NOW to ensure that your computer network is ready for all that 2017 will bring.

Do You Feel Like a Nut?

“Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.”

That commercial tagline was from the 70’s and 80’s when the Hershey Company advertised two very similar coconut and chocolate candy bars—Mounds and Almond Joy.  This tagline reminds us of a quote from John Chambers, former CEO of Cisco who said, “There are two types of companies:  those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked.