Get to know Thomas S. better…

I predict that in the future, 2020 will be remembered for innovation!  The technology industry will push us all in new and exciting directions, and I’m proud to be in a field that can help facilitate that change.

I came to IT Radix with a B.A. in Communications and Media Production from William Patterson University and four years of experience supporting technology.

April 2020 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our winner, Elaine Gaudy of Aflac, the lucky recipient of an Amazon gift card!

QUESTION:  Of all Benjamin Franklin’s inventions, which one gave him the greatest personal satisfaction?

ANSWER:  Glass Armonica

Get to know CW better…

I am a visionary at heart—forward thinking and always looking to learn the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. While formally named Charles, I have always been known as CW, a nickname lovingly given at birth by my father.

I came to IT Radix with over 15 years of experience working in the IT field.

January 2020 Trivia Challenge

IT'S A TIE! Congratulations to our winners, Bill Treloar of Rank Magic LLC AND Alex Brattstrom of Studio One Architecture LLC, the lucky recipients of an AMC gift card!

QUESTION:  What unique facial feature do Jane Seymour and Dan Aykroyd share?

ANSWER:  Heterochromia (different colored eyes)

Get to know Rachel better…

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, evokes fond family memories growing up for me. Every year around Thanksgiving, my husband and I have the tradition of visiting Rehoboth Beach to reflect on past experiences and make new memories together. We especially enjoy being there when the summer rush has faded, and the beach is quiet and peaceful.

October 2019 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our trivia winner, Pamela Hoff of Murphy Partners LLP, the lucky recipient of an Amazon gift card!

QUESTION:  What popular fall festival activity did the Romans bring to Britain when they invaded?

ANSWER: Bobbing for Apples

Get to know Tommy better…

I enjoy outdoor adventures! My most recent excursion was a sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands. “Tom” seems to be a common name around here at IT Radix, but don’t confuse me with our Tom and Thomas.

I come to IT Radix with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Montclair State University and over five years of experience working in the IT field.

July 2019 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our trivia winner, Colette Abramo of Jansons Associates, the lucky recipient of an REI gift card!

QUESTION:  What is the name of the trophy awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup sailing race?

ANSWER: Auld Mug

Get to know Laurie T. better…

Dinner is by far my favorite meal of the day! My daughters and I love preparing meals together and cook just about anything. My favorite meals are the ones my daughters cook for me! After a busy day apart, I enjoy when my family finally sits down together to talk about our day over dinner.