A Lifetime of Learning!

An interview with Office Manager, Lynn Ferraro:
IT Radix:  What motivated you to go back to school?
Lynn:  A college degree was the only thing missing from my professional portfolio—something that I always wanted to pursue, but never thought I’d achieve.

Get to know Brian better…

Brian came to IT Radix with an associate degree in History from Atlantic Cape Community College. He cut his teeth in IT at Chubb Institute where he received training in Data Center Support encompassing IBM AS/400, Mainframe, PC Support and Networking. With over 25 years of professional IT experience, Brian has worked in a variety of IT Manager and help desk support roles.

On the Road to New Adventures!

An interview with Marybeth Smith
IT Radix:  What sparked your desire to go on a road trip?

Marybeth:  When our youngest went off to college last fall, we used it as a great excuse to take a road trip to California and Oregon.

IT Radix:  What did you like most about your road trip?

Marybeth:  It was remarkably freeing to set out on an adventure and see something new every day.

That’s SOME PIG!

An interview with IT Account Services Coordinator, Amy
IT Radix: How were you introduced to the idea of owning a pig?
Amy: When I was six years old, I saw the movie Charlotte's Web; and from that moment on, I knew I wanted a pig.

IT Radix: What do you like most about having a pig as a pet?
Amy: Having Ollie has helped me build awareness of the plight of pigs bred to be sold as pets.

Chillax With Winter Camping

An interview with Doug Verge
IT Radix: How were you introduced to Winter Camping?

Doug: Thirty or so years ago when I was in college, my roommate thought it would be a fun thing to do. So, off we went! We have carried on the tradition of Winter Camping every year since.

Get to know Patrick better…

Patrick got his start in IT at Anthem Institute of Technology where he received training in Network Administration and PC Support. With over 22 years of professional IT experience, Patrick has worked in a variety of end user hardware, software and help desk support positions.

January 2022 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our winner, Deborah Gussoff of In Order, the lucky recipient of an Amazon gift card!

QUESTION:  What Hungarian-born American illusionist was best known for his escape acts?

ANSWER: Harry Houdini

The Great Escape

An interview with Sr. IT Consultant, Mike Oster

IT Radix: How were you introduced to Escape Rooms?

Mike: It was my eldest child’s idea. As kids, they were always encouraged to try something they had never done before. They’d make a list and we’d pick something to experience together as a family.

Our Team Whips IT Up!

Our IT Radix Team Members Love to Cook!
More and more people are eating at home than ever before. Cooking, especially when done for others, comes with some positive psychological benefits making people feel happy and connected to others. It also evokes fond memories and provides a creative outlet.

The Race to 5G Wireless Internet

Here at IT Radix, we’re no strangers to giving back. In fact, it’s one of our most important company core values! From our semiannual e‑waste recycling drives to food pantry collection events, to fundraising 5K runs that benefit causes like breast cancer research or our client, local not-for-profit agency JBWS. Another race we’ve been keeping our eye on… the race to 5G. You’ve probably heard the term, but the reality is that the race itself is far less important than what we reach at the finish line.