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tech tip - select it all

Select It All

Select It All In Excel, click in the first cell that you want to select and hold down Ctrl+Shift+End.  The cursor will jump to the

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tech tip - another word for... synonyms

Another Word for…

Another Word for… Writing 101…Avoid using the same word multiple times.  Microsoft to the rescue!  In the desktop versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, you

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tech tip - security - crack the QR code

Crack the QR Code

Crack the QR Code When scanning a QR code, be sure to use a scanner app that provides a preview of the destination.  This feature

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tech tip - auto fill Excel cells

Auto Fill Excel Cells

Auto Fill Excel Cells Type a series of numbers or letters in consecutive cells either across a row or down a column.  Select the entire

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tech tip - security - back up important data regularly

Back Up Important Data Regularly

Back Up Important Data Regularly Regular backups of important data are essential for business continuity, regulatory compliance, and safeguarding against data loss from cyberattacks, system

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