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tech tip - voice recorder

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder Record a voice message on your computer to share with others. Search for “Voice Recorder” in the Windows Start menu.  Click on the

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tech tip - security - don't go public

Don’t Go Public

Don’t Go Public Free hotspots are convenient when you’re out and about, but not all public networks are secure.  Avoid online shopping while connected to

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tech tip - navigating web pages

Navigating Web Pages

Navigating Web Pages Use your keyboard to quickly navigate web pages. Scroll down – Spacebar Scroll up      – Space Bar + Shift As

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tech tip - Microsoft Dictate - just say it

Just Say It!

Just Say It! Save yourself some typing by dictating emails, messages, and more.  While in Word or Outlook, click on the Dictate icon on the

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tech tip - security - don't get "smished"

Don’t Get Smished!

Don’t Get “Smished” Security Tip: Beware of texts from unknown senders and do not click on links. Did you provide your cell phone number for

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tech tip - Windows Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Save the scrap paper!  Use the Windows Sticky Notes app for a super simple way to pin a sticky note to your desktop

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Just Say It!

Sometimes it’s easier to just say it… …especially if you are doing a brain dump and want to get your thoughts down on paper (or

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