Envisioning Contacts

There is a fun feature in Outlook that allows you to set up Electronic Business Cards for your contacts.  This is useful because it enables you to see a picture of your contact—putting a face to the name.
Adding a picture to your Microsoft Outlook contacts is easy

Go to the Outlook navigation bar and click the “People” icon
(the icon looks like two people standing near each other).
Under “Current View” click on the “Business Card” view.

Take Advantage of Multiple Monitors

When thinking of a PC with a multiple-monitor setup, it is easy to visualize TV shows and movies with the computer hacker in front of screens full of numbers and code.  However, the use of multiple monitors has become far more common in the workplace and is something that many people swear by.

Work computers and devices are only for ONE thing…

Quick Tip: Separate work and personal accounts/devices as much as possible.

Why: If you’re using a company device to access a compromised account, you’re opening up a door to a hacker who can then get into your company’s network via your email or PC. Bottom line, don’t use company PCs, devices, phones or internet for PERSONAL use.

Don’t download ANYTHING you’re not authorized to download

Quick Tip: Check before you download.

Why: So you have a big file you need to get over to your printer YESTERDAY and you can’t get it to “send” via email because the file is too big. What should you do? The right thing to do is contact your IT department (us!) so we can assist by installing a secure, commercial-grade file-sharing application.