Don’t Get Smished!

Security Tip: Beware of texts from unknown senders and do not click on links.

Did you provide your cell phone number for holiday shopping, tracking, or special offers? Then you are a bigger target for smishing attacks.

Why: A smishing message is a bogus text message carefully designed to look like a legitimate request from a reputable source in an effort to get you to willingly give up your personal information to a particular website or to click and download a virus.

Get to know Geraldo…

Geraldo comes to IT Radix as a recent graduate from the College of Staten Island with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He brings with him over eight years of experience in various customer service roles.

At IT Radix, Geraldo is part of our Sales and Marketing Team.

Just Say It!

Sometimes it’s easier to just say it…
...especially if you are doing a brain dump and want to get your thoughts down on paper (or on your screen).

Microsoft’s Dictate function is here to help! Available in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, it allows you to create content using your microphone.

Cathy’s Corner – September 2023

Did you know September is National Preparedness Month? I suspect most of us used to ignore or downplay this concept in the past. However, with our changing weather patterns, health pandemics, threats of war, not to mention the usual cyber threats, I hope that most of you at a minimum consider the potential risks and impact any one of these can have on your business and personal life.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Mac More Secure

Data breaches and malware attacks on Macs have been on the rise over the past few years, so you must take the necessary precautions to protect your devices. Below are three easy ways to make your Mac more secure.

Install a mobile device management profile so you can give an administrator remote access to the device.

Safely Using Technology to Run Your Office

Is the Internet the greatest cost reduction and energy saving device ever invented? It may well be!

We often think of the Internet as a source of information and/or a means of communication. But with the Internet of Things (the networking capability of the internet allowing for communication between devices), the Internet can now be viewed and used as an “appliance” or even “partner” to assist you in managing your office.

Thou Shalt Test Yourself

The 10 Commandments of IT Security
IT Security Commandment #8: Thou Shalt Test Yourself

There is a famous Peter Drucker quote that is used frequently in business circles: “That which gets measured, gets managed.”

Drucker would appreciate our 8th Commandment of IT Security because this commandment is about testing yourself and testing your organization regularly to better understand your current IT security posture and identify potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities.