Get to know Zach better…

I came to IT Radix with a B.S. in Management Information Systems (MIS) from St. Francis University in western Pennsylvania and 10 years of experience supporting technology. Most recently, I worked as an IT Field Technician for Micrologic. In this role, I set up and supported customers using the company’s proprietary software and assisted them with their daily/monthly reports.

Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

Some may remember Lost in Space, a TV show from the late 1960s. The Robinson family set off to colonize space, and suddenly were thrown off course, stranded in a perilous environment, light years from their desired destination. Luckily, “Robot” would alert the young Robinson boy to hazards by shouting “Danger Will Robinson!”

No one has a safety robot or even a map or GPS device to facilitate safe travels over the world wide web.

Electronic Waste Recycling Benefits

In November we are reminded to be thankful. At IT Radix, we’re thankful for our planet and feel it’s important for everyone to find ways to give back to it. One way you can contribute is by recycling your electronic waste. Here are a few e-waste recycling benefits:

Machines can be recycled and used for new parts, eliminating the need for mining for materials such as copper, aluminum, and steel.

What You Don’t See

We have all heard the question: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really happen?" That thought raises philosophical issues regarding our powers of observation and perception. When each of us are in our “me” centered world, we sometimes think that if we did not see or hear something, then it was not important, or worse that it did not happen.

Cathy’s Corner – November 2020

"As we sail through life, don't avoid rough waters, sail on because calm waters won't make a skillful sailor.” (Unknown)
I have this quote tucked away in a notebook that I regularly use—being the geek that I am, it’s in OneNote (a favorite app), but I digress… As someone who grew up sailing on the waters of North Carolina, it has always struck home for me.

Keep IT Safe

Confession time! How many of you manage your computer and online passwords in any of the following ways:

Use the same/similar password for everything
Keep all your passwords written on a slip of paper
Change your password by incrementing the number by 1
Keep a spreadsheet with all your passwords on your desktop

We see it all the time and have heard every reason you can think of as to why it’s “fine”. The most common of which is “I don’t have any data a hacker would want”. Nothing could be further from the truth! Have you ever thought about what a hacker could do with just your email password? With just access to your email, a hacker only needs to click the “I forgot my password” button for any of your accounts and will instantly have the keys to the kingdom.

October 2020 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our winner, Susan Fuchs of Christie Engineering, P.C., the lucky recipient of a Work-From-Home Starter Kit!

QUESTION:  What 1998 movie is the first movie to feature two actors who previously played Batman?

ANSWER:  Out of Sight (George Clooney & Michael Keaton)

What Else Can Be Hacked?

With the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the list of things to hack has also exploded. If one takes a moment to consider the potential risks, it can be eye opening and downright scary—just in time for Halloween. Peruse the Internet a bit and you will find real hacking examples that include pacemakers, children’s teddy bears, baby monitors, vehicles, security cameras, and more.