Something’s Phishy!

We sure do miss heading out to a lake, throwing out a line and waiting for a fish to bite. But what really upsets us is how hackers have taken a beloved pastime and turned it into something sinister. That’s right, I’m talking about phishing. The hacker practice of sending out carefully crafted email as “bait” in an attempt to get you—the “fish”—to bite.

No Fear of Feedback

“As much as most of us go on and on about improving ourselves, our work and our businesses, we’re usually pretty afraid of actually receiving any feedback. But with the right structure, support and mindset, feedback doesn’t have to be a boogeyman—it can be an essential tool to further your success.

Developing Leaders with the Help of IT Consulting

IT Consulting Assists In Making a Difference in People’s Lives and Communities
When we see how IT Consulting enables organizations to make a difference in the lives of others, it is immensely gratifying. One of our clients, a preeminent leadership organization for young people, offers programs that provide youngsters a chance to build courage, confidence and character.

Get to know Tommy better…

One of our newest employees, Tommy, enjoys some outdoor adventures of his own. His most recent excursion was a sailing trip around the British Virgin Islands. “Tom” seems to be a common name around here at IT Radix, but don’t confuse Tommy with our Tom and Thomas.

Cathy’s Corner – August 2019

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: Stay connected with IT Radix!

I was recently reminded of the days before high-speed Internet was available everywhere. This summer, on a family vacation in the Sawtooth and Bitterroot Mountain ranges of Idaho and Montana, we visited a gold mining ghost town, rafted the Salmon River, and hiked and rode ATVs in the local area.