Staff Pick: Microsoft Lens

Matt Hodges’ favorite app is Microsoft Lens.

Microsoft Lens is a portable scanner available on your phone. Matt likes it because it allows him to take pictures of documents, whiteboards, or business cards and edit them digitally.

Lens preserves the layout of the document that the picture is taken of so that it can easily be edited.

Get to know Connell…

Connell came to IT Radix with a Bachelor of Science in IT Technology from Montclair State University (MSU). Since he was a teenager, Connell was mechanically inclined and enjoyed fixing various items for family and friends. His “Mr. Fix It” status led Connell to work in the electronics repair field while attending MSU. He started out as a technician and quickly advanced within the company, taking on more responsibility and ultimately a managerial position.

How to Prepare for Gen Z in the Workforce

Be Proactive and Update Your Cybersecurity Practices
In the next few years, the first generation to grow up with smartphones and social media will join the workforce. It might seem like Gen Z will be the most cybersecure generation, considering they’ve always had the Internet and other advanced technologies at the tips of their fingers; but this is not the case.

Cathy’s Corner – November 2022

Since our inception, IT Radix have been recycling e‑waste even before it was popularized. My family has always focused on environmental issues and enjoys spending time together outdoors, especially sailing.  We are environmentally conscientious consumers and are big fans of reusing what we have at hand… it’s in our DNA. So, partnering with Green Vision for electronic recycling is a match made in heaven.

Get to know Lynn…

Lynn is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University working towards her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She plans to graduate next month, and we are so excited for her!

Lynn came to IT Radix with over 30 years of office experience having worked in a variety of office administrative and customer service settings.

Cyber Intelligence: A “Duck” Tale of Two Incidents

Spear Phishing Is on the Rise!
Cyberattacks are one of the biggest threats that businesses face today. One popular tactic, spear phishing, is on the rise, so be alert!
88% of all data breaches are caused by employee actions.
Spear phishing is the act of sending emails from a known sender’s name to increase the chances of the recipient trusting and opening the email and taking action that unintentionally hurts the organization.