January 2022 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our winner, Deborah Gussoff of In Order, the lucky recipient of an Amazon gift card!

QUESTION:  What Hungarian-born American illusionist was best known for his escape acts?

ANSWER: Harry Houdini

The Great Escape

An interview with Sr. IT Consultant, Mike Oster

IT Radix: How were you introduced to Escape Rooms?

Mike: It was my eldest child’s idea. As kids, they were always encouraged to try something they had never done before. They’d make a list and we’d pick something to experience together as a family.

Cathy’s Corner – January 2022

A new year often comes with change. While I can sometimes find change a bit scary, I find focusing on what’s important to me and looking for the humor in a situation makes it easier to manage my fears and the stress of change. At IT Radix, we're changing our security software platform to better address cyberthreats, we’re adding new functionality to better serve our clients (especially with the new work from home model and ever-changing schedules), and we’ve expanded our expertise, especially in areas associated with Microsoft 365.

On a personal level, I believe one of my keys to success is to never stop learning and embracing change.

Start the Year With a Clean Sweep!

January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month
The start of a new year is a traditional time for new resolutions.  You should consider resolving to Keep Your Computer Clean in 2022.  Here are a few things you can do regularly to accomplish that goal:
Check Your Backup
Before changing/deleting anything on your computer, be sure your key files are backed up and up to date.

One Smart Cookie

What Are Browser Cookies?
Browser cookies are small files used to collect information when you visit a website that personalize your experience and track your usage. This can be good and bad.

Three situations where you want to “pass the cookies” and decline are:

If the website is sketchy and non-encrypted (e.g., HTTP only).
If the cookie consent pop-up mentions third-party cookies.

Our Team Whips IT Up!

Our IT Radix Team Members Love to Cook!
More and more people are eating at home than ever before. Cooking, especially when done for others, comes with some positive psychological benefits making people feel happy and connected to others. It also evokes fond memories and provides a creative outlet.