Treasures Left Behind

There are huge security concerns with document printing and destruction for employees working from home (WFH)
If you have ever been to a casino and pulled the arm of a slot machine, you’ve experienced the excitement of hearing, Ding Ding Ding! You’ve hit the jackpot! This is how metal detector enthusiasts feel every time they take a metal detector and walk along the beach, a local park, or even their own property.

Our IT Radix Team Home Improvements

Our IT Radix team members have been making the most of their time at home during the pandemic
Due to COVID-19 and our socially distanced work-from-home efforts, our IT Radix team is spending A LOT more time at home these days. From a recent Polly poll in Microsoft Teams, we learned that over half of our staff have been tackling home improvement projects this past year.

Cathy’s Corner – February 2021

I’ve been involved in my fair share of home improvement projects over the years. I can still remember the built-in bookshelves my parents made for our home in New Mexico, complete with a burnt wood finish created by a blow torch. As a kid growing up, my job was primarily to hold, fetch or otherwise assist when needed on these projects.

January 2021 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our winner, Sharon Varnelas of Real Endpoints, the lucky recipient of a Michaels' gift card!

QUESTION:  What is the hobby of using vintage hardware and software?

ANSWER:  Retrocomputing

Keep IT Safe

If you like to read, you may have a home library.  All good librarians have one thing in organized index.  Confession time!  How many of you manage your computer and online passwords in any of the following ways:

Use the same/similar password for everything
Keep all your passwords written on a slip of paper
Change your password by incrementing the number by 1
Keep a spreadsheet with all your passwords on your desktop

We see it all the time and have heard every reason you can think of as to why it’s “fine.