July 2021 Trivia Challenge

Congratulations to our winner, David Kerner of Meisel, Tuteur & Lewis, P.C., the lucky recipient of a “Get Outdoors” Fun Pack!

QUESTION:  What is an outdoor recreational activity in which participants use a mobile device to find hidden “treasures”?

ANSWER:  Geocaching

Get to know Dan C better…

Dan C, as we affectionately call him (not to be confused with Dan P), enjoys the hobby of photography and photo editing. He’s especially skilled at lighting touchups and enhancements and has fun experimenting with multiple lenses and techniques.

Dan C cut his teeth in IT at Anthem Institute of Technology where he received training in networking, Windows Server and Active Directory.

The “Face” of Your Company

What Your Salespeople Should Know About IT Security
Every business has them; nothing happens until they successfully set the wheels in motion. Some call them Account Executives, Consultants or even Road Warriors… they are the Sales Team. The best salespeople know their products and services inside and out, are very resourceful, provide solutions to clients and move quickly in delivering new orders.

Cathy’s Corner – August 2021

I’ve dabbled over the years with photography—taking a variety of courses and having a home darkroom. As with many activities, it’s fun and challenging at the same time. I really appreciate the amazing works of photographic art that can take your breath away, make you feel like you’re in the middle of a sporting event, or empathize with people all over the world.

Lots of Layers… Too Hot for Summer but Great for Security!

Networks Benefit from Multiple Security Layers
And just like that, August has arrived. For many that means it is time to get away and enjoy some vacation time! Guess who is not on vacation—cybercriminals! While your staff tries to enjoy the last full month of summer, so too are the bad guys!

Attacks are on the increase and more sophisticated than ever.

We Work as a Team

Teamwork is Key at IT Radix
There is no “I” in team, but there is plenty of “Team” at IT Radix. In fact, “We Work as a Team” is one of our nine core values—the back of our business cards lists them all. “We Work as a Team” is placed smack dab in the middle reinforcing how central it is to our work processes—our “scheme” if you will—in helping clients achieve their goals.

Stepping Outside for a Bit of Fresh Air

Our IT Radix Team Members Get Outdoors!
It does a body good to get outdoors and soak up some fresh air and sunshine. Our IT Radix Spring Step Challenge supporting the Mount Pleasant animal shelter was a lot of fun. Most of our staff participated since many of us already include some walking into our daily routine.

Why Your Business Is the Perfect Target for Hackers

Small Businesses are Prime Targets for Cyberattacks
Everybody gets hacked, but not everything makes the evening news. We hear about big companies like Target, Home Depot, Capital One, and Facebook getting hacked. What we rarely hear about are the little guys—the small businesses that make up 99.7% of employers in the United States, according to the Small Business Administration.