Scouting for a Brighter Future

As you may recall, in 2018 IT Radix celebrated our 10-year anniversary by “Giving Back” to the community. Each month we contributed to numerous organizations assisting adults, children, animals and the environment. As we embark on a new year, we thought it fitting to spotlight some of our clients that “Give Back” by what they do each and every day.

Different Types of Connections

As humans, we crave love and connection at our core.  Technology has made it easier than ever to be “connected,” but it does not replace actual physical interaction or connection.  So, while we at IT Radix assist our clients in getting connected via technology, be it via the Internet, email, instant messaging such as Skype, webinars and more, we believe actual interaction is critical to successful relationships.

It Was Like Drinking from a Fire Hose

Have you ever been to an event where so much information and knowledge that you wished your head was a sponge that could just soak everything in? I recently had that opportunity and boy, was I lucky! I thought I'd share over the next few weeks some of my takeaways.

Surround Yourself with Really Great People

Donna Miller, owner of C3Workplace, recently said at her amazing Small Business Week Celebration, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." My takeaway -- pick carefully who you spend time and make sure they're great.

I'm lucky at IT Radix because I'm surrounded by really great people.