Developing Leaders with the Help of IT Consulting

IT Consulting Assists In Making a Difference in People’s Lives and Communities
When we see how IT Consulting enables organizations to make a difference in the lives of others, it is immensely gratifying. One of our clients, a preeminent leadership organization for young people, offers programs that provide youngsters a chance to build courage, confidence and character.

Information Technology Strategy Benefits Biotechnology Company

New Jersey is sometimes referred to as the Medicine Chest of the World since it is home to over 300 biotechnology companies and more than 20 medical technology firms.  This concentration of companies and professionals is unique.  So, it is no surprise that IT Radix has been chosen to be responsible for Information Technology strategy, consulting and projects by numerous firms that are part of and/or services this concentration of expertise.

Predictable monthly IT expenses help manage operating costs and prevent downtime

Risk-taking is par for the course for entrepreneurs. Taking the leap to start a business is just the first in a series of risks an owner will take to gain a competitive edge and move the enterprise forward. But excessive or impulsive risk-taking can destroy a business.

Helping small businesses meet the cybersecurity challenge

Is your small business prepared to meet the cybersecurity challenge? Small-to-medium-business owners often underestimate their vulnerability to cybercrime. Headlines focus on major corporate data breaches with huge paydays, but studies show that more than half of cyber-attacks target small businesses.

Tech support gives owners time to focus on the business

Knowing when to outsource tech support can spur growth and productivity
Small business owners often wear many hats in the day-to-day operation of their company, particularly in the early years when resources are constrained. Some who are tech-savvy, for example, opt to handle tech support internally rather than hiring external IT support resources.

Make Way for World Backup Day

As the first quarter of 2019 ends, we celebrate World Backup Day on March 31.  Why is this important?  It’s important because if you lose some or all your data, your business could be at risk for a host of problems.  No one wants to hear the stuttering voice of Porky Pig exclaiming “That’s all folks!” as you close your business due to poor choices about data protection.

Managing a home health care business with IT Managed Services

Serving the needs of an aging population, enabled by IT Managed Services
The aging of the baby boomers has spawned tremendous growth in the home health care industry. With many seniors and their families opting for “aging in place”, home health care agencies provide an invaluable option for people to receive medical and non-medical care in their homes rather than at outside facilities.