Data Loss Prevention

Is your business losing valuable data?
Do you care?

It's nice to trust your staff but…

You Should Know


of employees have walked out with company information upon exit.


laptops are lost or stolen annually in the USA. Only 3% are recovered.


of security incidents that incur losses are caused internally

Worse than an actual data breach
is not knowing the
“who, what, where and when”

IT Radix can help protect you from these internal threats and
keep you in compliance for regulations such as PCI, HIPPA, SOX and more.

Know when data is being transferred with help from IT Radix.Data in Motion
Know when data is sent via email or copied to removable media
IT Radix can help with data loss prevention by making sure your data is secure.Data at Rest
Scan and block information from being stored in an unsecure manner
Know what is happening to your data if your employees are remote to prevent data loss.On or Off Network
Be secure whether your employees are in the office or working remotely
Get notified of critical events quickly by IT Radix.Real Time Notifications
Receive email notifications of critical events

Have you considered?

Be aware of data theft within your company; IT Radix can help you take steps to protect your data.

Data Theft

Data you should protect:  Client lists, business plans, business processes and procedures, source code and more. With today’s mobile workforce, protecting your business is difficult. Over 60% of exiting employees admit to taking private company data with them. Take action today to protect your hard earned intellectual property.

Investigations for inappropriate employee activities may be necessary. Let IT Radix help yuo monitor your employee's computer usage.


Sadly, investigations into inappropriate employee activities have become a necessity in today’s work environment. Avoid scrambling around after the fact. Monitor your employees’ computer usage silently, in the office and remotely. Should the need arise, you will have the answers or proof you need.

Data loss prevention is serious business. IT Radix can help you assess your potential risks and protect your business and its valuable data. Call us today!