A Taste for New Technology

“I want it so bad I can taste it!”  Have you ever felt that way or said that?  Most likely, the answer is “yes.”  Many people feel that way about new technology.  The excitement of a new technology rollout causes many to stand in line for hours, even days, to be the first to purchase the latest iPhone or other new gadget.

Face to Face with Technology

Most people think of the keyboard and mouse as the only means to enter information into a computer, but the list of input devices is surprisingly long.  Inputs include voice, touch, optical, and even environmental (e.g., heat) and spatial technology.  Are you taking advantage of all these potential methods to interface with your computer technology?
Technology Interfaces Via the Senses
Let’s take a closer look at a few.

The Touch, Taste and Smell of Technology

Technology leaps to life as virtual capabilities gear up for mass market production—breaking into touch, taste, and smell in addition to sight and sound. Virtual Reality (VR) is the latest digital frontier, creating experiences that redefine our expectations of technology and unlocking potential benefits across the board.

Take Advantage of Multiple Monitors

When thinking of a PC with a multiple-monitor setup, it is easy to visualize TV shows and movies with the computer hacker in front of screens full of numbers and code.  However, the use of multiple monitors has become far more common in the workplace and is something that many people swear by.

The 5 Senses of Information Technology

The very first computing machines from the late 1800s were created to do simple number tabulation. Today, handheld and portable computers, tablets and cellphones go innumerable steps further. They facilitate communication as well as entertain. Going forward these devices are rapidly becoming replacements for human interaction—not just between humans but between one individual and the real world.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Sounds play a significant role in our lives. So much of what we do every day relies on hearing the sounds around us—from the ringtone on our cell phone, to the ring of our doorbell, and most importantly, words spoken between people. Unfortunately, hearing these sounds can prove difficult for many people, but that is where modern technology is looking to make a difference.