See the World as Never Before

Nearly 80% of what we humans learn from the world around us is mediated through vision.  A complex set of functions that derives meaning from optical input, vision helps us interpret and respond appropriately to our environment.  Today’s technology plays a vital role in expanding the limits of human sight for people with varying degrees and types of visual deficits.

Keep IT Clean!

Cleanliness has never been a hotter topic.  It still isn’t sexy, but it is hot!  Fear of catching a threatening virus is real and top of mind.  That is for good reason, most of us have never experienced anything like this before.  We have never in our lives washed our hands so frequently, and we are all still learning not to touch our face and to wear masks in public.

Ultrawide Monitors – The Bigger the Better!

There’s no denying that two screens are typically better than one.  But what if one screen was the size of two monitors?

Ultrawide monitors have a 21:9 aspect ratio, which is close to what you would see on a movie screen.  How is that better?  Well, those who have used a dual monitor setup in the past may remember the slight coloration differences between the two monitors or the “break” that you get in the center.

A Healthy Network for a Happier Business

Your business’ IT environment is a lot like the body’s skeletal system. It’s the conductor that orchestrates the flow of your day-to-day operations, allowing you to provide valuable services to your clientele. When your IT skeleton, or foundation, is strong and healthy, it supports all of the processes you rely on and you don’t even realize it’s there.