Rugged Technology

Summer is here, and it is time to get outdoors. And if you are like most of us, you will be wanting to take your technology with you when you go. But how do you keep it safe? So much of our outdoor equipment is specifically designed to endure the punishment of the outdoors but what about our tech?

Many of us here at IT Radix love to hit the trails on our bikes when the weather gets warmer.

Considerations for server replacement

If you’re thinking about replacing a server for your small business, then that probably means your company is experiencing success and is starting to grow. That’s great news. But is it really time to invest in a new one? Or does waiting too long risk slowing your business down? Either way, it’s important to consider […]

Leftovers for a Cause

Since 2013, Green Vision Inc. has been recycling our clients’ electronic leftovers. Their motto is to Enhance a Life and Save the World which they achieve through their innovative program that teaches adolescent students and adults with developmental disabilities to dismantle and recycle electronic waste.