Electronic Waste Recycling Benefits

In November we are reminded to be thankful. At IT Radix, we’re thankful for our planet and feel it’s important for everyone to find ways to give back to it. One way you can contribute is by recycling your electronic waste. Here are a few e-waste recycling benefits:

Machines can be recycled and used for new parts, eliminating the need for mining for materials such as copper, aluminum, and steel.

What You Don’t See

We have all heard the question: "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it really happen?" That thought raises philosophical issues regarding our powers of observation and perception. When each of us are in our “me” centered world, we sometimes think that if we did not see or hear something, then it was not important, or worse that it did not happen.

What Else Can Be Hacked?

With the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the list of things to hack has also exploded. If one takes a moment to consider the potential risks, it can be eye opening and downright scary—just in time for Halloween. Peruse the Internet a bit and you will find real hacking examples that include pacemakers, children’s teddy bears, baby monitors, vehicles, security cameras, and more.

Time to Change

After the kids have finished trick-or-treating on Halloween, it will be time to walk around the house before going to bed and reset the clocks on all your appliances and alarms. Or will it? With so many “smart” devices, manually adjusting your clocks is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Technology to the Rescue!

If you have ever wondered when the world would finally begin looking like the futuristic movie Back to the Future 2, then you are in for a treat! Researchers at the Italian Institute of Technology have completed testing on their new humanoid robot named “WALK-MAN.” This robot has been engineered to be lightweight, sturdy, and have hands that are like human hands (it can move its fingers).

Why would it need to have these traits? Because this robot will be going where humans cannot…into disasters! WALK-MAN was tested in a simulated industrial plant that had been damaged by an earthquake.

To Shut Down or Not Shut Down?

That is the question! A lot of people wonder whether it is best to shut down your computer when not in use, and most articles you read will go into extended detail one way or the other. However, IT Radix likes to get to the point: you decide!

The great thing with computers nowadays is that not only can they withstand a tremendous amount of use, they also attempt to help its own lifespan by using the hibernate function.

The Scent of Things to Come

Of all the senses in the human body, it can be argued that our sense of smell often evokes the strongest response in our minds.  The wrong smell can keep us from entering a room or trying a new food, but the right scent can be aesthetically pleasing and can trigger memories, evoking an emotional response to our environment in a way that no other sense can replicate.

A Taste for New Technology

“I want it so bad I can taste it!”  Have you ever felt that way or said that?  Most likely, the answer is “yes.”  Many people feel that way about new technology.  The excitement of a new technology rollout causes many to stand in line for hours, even days, to be the first to purchase the latest iPhone or other new gadget.

Face to Face with Technology

Most people think of the keyboard and mouse as the only means to enter information into a computer, but the list of input devices is surprisingly long.  Inputs include voice, touch, optical, and even environmental (e.g., heat) and spatial technology.  Are you taking advantage of all these potential methods to interface with your computer technology?
Technology Interfaces Via the Senses
Let’s take a closer look at a few.