Servers… The Dine In or Take Out Dilemma

With so many different personal tastes, allergies, portable snacks, portion control needs, crazy diets, busy schedules and “order apps” on your phone, everyone has something different on their dinner plate at the end of the day. What to make for dinner is a frequent question, and the dilemma of whether to “dine in” or “take out” is real.

Lunchtime Tech on the Go

Are you meeting someone for lunch and have a little extra time on your hands before your lunch buddy arrives? Here are some tech tools that can keep you productive even when you’re not in the office.

Smartphone – Today’s smartphones can easily do double duty as your office phone and lightweight internet-enabled PC in a pinch.

Update technology while managing expenses: Staged increases in IT managed services projects

Successful small business owners recognize the importance of staying “lean and mean” when it comes to operating expenses. Staying on top of finances helps to avoid unforeseen debt and leaves money available to invest in and grow the business.

And yet, delaying investments for too long also has its risks.

The Jetsons Predict the Future

The Jetsons was an animated, futuristic situation comedy produced by Hanna-Barbera which premiered in September 1962 on ABC and ran for one year. The Jetsons lived in Orbit City, high above the ground in Sky Pad apartments. Besides the family, Rosie the Robot and Astro the dog may be the most well remembered characters.