Cathy’s Corner – February 2024

I grew up sailing in NC, first on Kerr Lake and then on the Pimlico Sound with my parents. Many don’t appreciate the nuances of sailing, especially teenage boys like my son Alex, but sailing can be very exciting. I always loved sailing in rough weather despite my mom’s fears.

Cathy’s Corner – January 2024

This issue’s cartoon made me laugh at myself. As someone who is constantly trying to be organized, keep a clean desktop, email Inbox and more, I find it extremely difficult to do in practice. With the wealth of information sources, a myriad of demands on my time, and just plain ol’ procrastination, I find that my desks at home and at the office are often quite cluttered.

Cathy’s Corner – December 2023

It’s a wrap! As we close out the year, I recall all the hubbub early in 2023 about AI—artificial intelligence and, specifically, ChatGPT. Technically, IT Radix has been using AI for quite some time. Case in point, the endpoint security software that we use and support for our clients relies heavily on AI to spot anomalies or unexpected actions.

Cathy’s Corner – November 2023

As November graces us with autumn's touch, I'm reminded of the beauty in change and write this with a heart full of gratitude. Over 20 years ago, I was introduced to wonderful man, Arnie Rintzler, who became an important mentor to me both in life and in business.

Cathy’s Corner – October 2023

This year marks the 15th anniversary of IT Radix and I simply cannot believe how quickly the time flew. When we started IT Radix, Doug and I were in the middle of adopting our son, Alex. There was so much economic uncertainty and quite frankly, at times, it was quite intimidating.

Cathy’s Corner – September 2023

Did you know September is National Preparedness Month? I suspect most of us used to ignore or downplay this concept in the past. However, with our changing weather patterns, health pandemics, threats of war, not to mention the usual cyber threats, I hope that most of you at a minimum consider the potential risks and impact any one of these can have on your business and personal life.

Cathy’s Corner – August 2023

As we enter the dog days of summer, I’m sitting on the patio behind our home enjoying the weather, the sounds of the birds, soft music on the outdoor speaker and just taking it all in. Sometimes you just need to kick and do nothing—often a hard thing for me to do.

Cathy’s Corner – July 2023

Like many, I’m looking forward to some summer travels and spending some time on the beach. The first week of July is National Beaches Week. I’m not a fan of sand, but it’s a perfect time to remember the sounds of waves rushing in and out. And while I may not be feeling the sea breezes firsthand, the mere thought of it brings me a sense of calm and relaxation for a few minutes.

Cathy’s Corner – June 2023

In 2020, Doug and I had planned to visit Peru and a small part of the Amazon rainforest. Sadly, our trip to Peru has been postponed indefinitely. June 22 is National Rainforest Day—so, in lieu of actually going to Peru, I plan to take advantage of the many wonderful resources online to explore the Amazon rainforests virtually.