Hacks to boost the speed of your WordPress site

We’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with a slow-loading website. While 10 years ago, we would have waited patiently as a site loaded with all the urgency of a sloth, today’s internet surfers won’t hesitate to close the tab. Most expect at least a three-second load time, while some won’t settle for wait times […]

Cathy’s Corner – July 2019

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: Come sail away with IT Radix!

I’ve been sailing on and off for most of my life. My family first started sailing when I was 6 or so and living in North Carolina. We had a small daysailer that we took out on a local lake.

Master Mac’s Notification Center to increase productivity

App notifications can be equal parts helpful and frustrating. On the one hand, they make it easier to stay on top of work updates. On the other, they can become distracting and overwhelming. If you use Mac OS X, the best place to start is configuring the settings in your Notification Center.

Leftovers for a Cause

Since 2013, Green Vision Inc. has been recycling our clients’ electronic leftovers. Their motto is to Enhance a Life and Save the World which they achieve through their innovative program that teaches adolescent students and adults with developmental disabilities to dismantle and recycle electronic waste.

Improve your PowerPoint skills with these tips

Office workers are far too familiar with slideshow presentations that are either more soporific than cough medicine or are horrible time sinks that make them miss their deadlines. To avoid becoming the next target of their ire and resentment — and perhaps become the presenter everyone actually enjoys — here are some tips on how […]

When Friends Come Over for Dinner

This past quarter we’ve spent a lot of time talking about things everyone loves—breakfast and lunch—making this article’s star the final meal of the day. Your IT dinner may be last on the list, but it’s just as important when considering your IT solution in a holistic view; and when prepared well, it can add a ton of value to your operation.