Letting Go of Old Technology–Breaking Up is Hard to Do

You know it’s not good for you, but somehow you can’t let go…of your relationship with old technology.  As an example, many users feel that Windows XP was the high point in Windows Operating Systems. Despite it being over 17 years old and the target of widespread cyber-attacks, it remains an extremely popular OS.

One of our new clients is a leading formulator and manufacturer of beauty products with a legacy of innovation, quality and unrivaled service.

Cathy’s Corner – September 2019

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: Leveraging Technology in the Great Outdoors

As summer starts to wind down and we head into fall, I’m reflecting on my activities outside of work. In past newsletters, we’ve used more mainstream sports such as football or basketball to be our theme; but this summer, we chose “Get Outdoors” and activities that I, for one, really enjoy.

Outsourced IT Services Benefits Family-Owned Businesses

Many businesses resist outsourced IT services including family-owned businesses. Family-owned businesses constitute an important and dynamic part of our economy. Ranging from two-person partnerships to Fortune 500 companies, family businesses account for half the nation’s employment and half of the Gross National Product.

Something’s Phishy!

We sure do miss heading out to a lake, throwing out a line and waiting for a fish to bite. But what really upsets us is how hackers have taken a beloved pastime and turned it into something sinister. That’s right, I’m talking about phishing. The hacker practice of sending out carefully crafted email as “bait” in an attempt to get you—the “fish”—to bite.