IT Security and Your Facilities Group

security - facilities groupWhat Your Facilities Group Should Know About IT Security

An open-door policy encourages open communication, feedback, and discussion about any concerns among staff and management. However, a figurative open door of any organization is a bad idea. Office managers must keep workplaces safe for all staff. They also need to put in place security rules to keep the workplace safe from intrusion of those who want to steal confidential company data. Here’s how to do just that:

Data Security Awareness. IT and Data Security Awareness training and testing should be extended to all staff, not just those in front of a computer monitor. No one should assume someone with a security badge truly has a right to be there—fake security badges are way too easy to create. Make sure all employees are comfortable asking anyone they do not know, “Who exactly are you and what are you doing here?”

Incoming Parcels. Make sure all incoming packages are fully intact before accepting anything. Some criminals intercept envelopes and boxes, tamper with and/or steal key information.

Access Codes. Ensure access codes are treated like any other computer password. Access codes should be the maximum number of characters allowed and changed regularly. Obtain and deactivate access codes, fobs and key cards of any ex-staff member. Access is a privilege and needs to be managed by facilities professionals.

Greeting/Access Technology. Consider taking access up a notch by leveraging “Hello Door” or other such applications that provide video doorbell security protocols while facilitating communications. Such systems work with Microsoft Teams and are powered via a variety of options such as Wi-Fi, POE, 4G, etc.

Good security practices start at the front door to your office building. Be careful not to give away the keys to your kingdom.

As always, the IT Radix team is here to assist in adding layers of security to protect you and your business. Contact us today!