Classic jazz fans might slide an It’s Monk’s Time CD in the changer during Thanksgiving.  It includes a 50-year-old tune called “Stuffy Turkey.”  Reviewers considered this one of Monk’s lesser works, deriding it as “quirky” and “repetitive.”  It might be the perfect background music as those words can describe some Thanksgiving dinner guests.

Besides a stuffed turkey, which is wonderful, one thing that should never be “stuffed” is your email box.  Consider the items below as the recipe for a slimmer mailbox:

  • Make Time – Specify a time on your daily calendar to read and respond to email (alerts and beeps only interrupt you).
  • Act Now – Resist the urge to delay on addressing easily actionable items.
  • Organize – Devise your inbox for your way of work (consider labels, folders, categories).
  • Diet – Unsubscribe with abandon! If the sight of “another email from someone/somewhere” upsets you, it is time to unsubscribe.

Don’t be a stuffed turkey!  Make plans today for a trimmer mailbox.

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First published in our November 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter