Essentials of Nutrition – Office 365

Breakfast cereal TV commercials in the 60s and 70s ended with visuals of an appetizing meal with the voice-over saying “part of a complete breakfast” that included: a bowl of sugary cereal, juice, milk, toast and butter, and fruit (advertisers were legally obligated to include that last one). Looking back, it is hard to believe that anyone could really include Lucky Charms as essential to a complete breakfast.

The Risks of Using End-of-Life Technology

In the world of technology, the concept of “End of Life” is a red flag and a time to take action. Once software goes End of Life (EOL), it still works. However, continuing to use end-of-life technology in your organization is risky. The smart business manager decides to act in advance of an EOL date to eliminate the dangers.

Standing Tall with Creators Update

This past April, technology allowed us to usher in a member of the next generation—April the giraffe and her calf!  Much like in the animal kingdom, new technology is being developed and born into the digital world every day.  New technology, much like baby animals, needs time to grow and mature into their fully developed potential.

Hey Cortana!

While the Hershey Company first introduced the unusually-named candy bar, Whatchamacallit, back in 1978, people still find themselves at a loss for words—reaching out to the plethora of information available on the internet whenever they have a question.