Cathy’s Corner – March 2018

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: March Kicks Off Our 10 Months of Giving Back!
2018 is IT Radix’s 10-year anniversary. We’re excited to share this important milestone with our extended IT Radix family. Give Back is one of our core values; and to that end, we are pleased to celebrate our anniversary with 10 Months of Giving Back beginning this month.

Cathy’s Corner – February 2018

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff

Growing up as a kid, I don’t really remember playing many board games until I reached high school with the exception of Backgammon. We had a travel version of it that I would play with my family and friends on our sailing trips in the waters of North Carolina.

Cathy’s Corner – January 2018

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject:  Game on!

It’s amazing how things have changed.  During the winter months as a youth, I was likely inside playing board games with my friends.  We played all the classics plus some newcomers such as Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit.

Cathy’s Corner – December 2017

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff

This time of year is busy with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I find that it makes it difficult to see the “magic” of Christmas or the world around you according to your personal faith. Whether you are religious or not, I do believe in magic.

Cathy’s Corner – November 2017

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff

Some days as I head out, my son will shout, "Hope you're not too bored at work!" I always answer, "Don't worry, I won't be; I love my job." And it's true. I am truly blessed to love what I do—including all the things that go on behind the scenes at IT Radix.

Cathy’s Corner – October 2017

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: IT Radix is all treats and no tricks!

Magicians perform tricks of illusion and sleight of hand. And while we might like our clients to think we’re magicians, it’s no trick or illusion. Behind the scenes, it’s hard work providing superior IT consulting and support.

Cathy’s Corner – September 2017

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff

I recently read the 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics report that stated the average American spends 2.7 hours per day watching TV or other video content versus just 15 minutes of reading. I wondered what impact this could be having on ourselves and our society.

Cathy’s Corner – August 2017

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff

I’ve always enjoyed reading. To be transported to another world, another life or even just another time through the words of a many adventures without ever leaving home! These days, I tend to read more non-fiction; but periodically, I pick up a book recommended by a friend or that catches my eye in the bookstore or online to be whisked away on a new adventure.

Cathy’s Corner – July 2017

From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject:  Summer Reading

Ah, summer!  What a great time to kick back, relax and grab a favorite book.  As a kid growing up, I devoured books—reading every chance I got.  I would get lost in the stories to the point that I missed the bus at school and, on one occasion, a train from New York to Vermont (not a good thing!).  As I’ve grown up, life and other commitments have limited my reading time; and now I find that I have to “make time” to read for pleasure.

Cathy’s Corner – June 2017

From the desk of:  Cathy Coloff

As we wrap up our zoo newsletter theme, I’ve done more reading than I usually do on our environment, the importance of zoos, biodiversity and more.  There is a short video bouncing around the Internet, particularly on Facebook (check out my feed if you want to see it), about the re-introduction of 14 wolves into Yellowstone Park and their impact on not only the wildlife but also the actual course of rivers.