I really like the quote from Helen Keller in this month’s newsletter:

“The only thing worse than being
blind is having sight but no vision.”
— Helen Keller

I remember reading the story of Helen Keller sometime in my youth. The challenges that she overcame were simply amazing. Everyone has challenges in their life; but not everyone has the determination, optimism, and an “Anne Sullivan” teacher/mentor to help them overcome them. What challenges are you facing? In today’s world, the Staples “Easy” button has become expected and I fear “grit” and determination are slowly fading in our society.

My own challenges include staying active so that I can enjoy a healthy and fit life, helping my son manage his behavioral and emotional struggles which are extremely challenging for all, and of course, all the various things that come up at work—from technical malfunctions, to staying on top of the latest trends and changes in technology, envisioning how we can best help our clients, keeping our staff engaged and so much more.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming but as they say, the way to move a mountain is one rock at a time. As a result, I’m getting better at breaking challenges down into bite-size chunks. In an effort to be more fit in the month of March, I’m doing my version of the “Calendar Club” at the office utilizing the flights of stairs up to the second floor of our building—each day of the month, adding another trip up or down until I’m able to do 30+ flights. I’m using our human gift of imagination to see myself doing this stair climbing challenge, one step at a time. Check back with me in April to see if I achieved my vision.

First published in our March 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter