You may have noticed that we updated the look of our newsletter slightly this month. Given that we’re ushering in a new year, we felt it appropriate to simultaneously usher in an updated look.

Have you ever noticed that Apple or Amazon never do complete facelifts of their websites? Instead their sites have evolved over time, reportedly including near invisible refinements that have maintained the user experience their customers know and like. While we don’t pretend to be Apple or Amazon, we do continually strive to improve in ways that benefit our clients. This year, we’ve decided to include even more tips in our newsletter to enhance your use of technology, increase productivity or keep you safe online.

We’ve continued including inspirational quotes throughout our marketing materials. While I’ve never been much of a “dreamer” as referenced by Carl Jung in this month’s newsletter quote, I do like to reflect internally and enjoy “awakening” my self awareness and revitalizing my personal development. As we go into the year 2020, I’m looking forward to challenging myself to new experiences and deepening my connections with those that are important in my life. I invite everyone to do the same with an eye toward making the year 2020 the best year yet. Happy New Year everyone!

First published in our January 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter