From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: You are the #1 Target!

Generally, everyone fears something. Halloween is one of those traditions that pokes fun at, while at the same time plays off of, people’s fears. As I’ve grown older, my childhood fears of things that go bump in the night have disappeared and been replaced by other fears that perhaps I have yet to discover. Something I have not had a fear of is writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing and so, when I was approached to contribute to a cyber book, I happily agreed.

The book is a compilation of articles from a number of my industry colleagues and experts on a variety of cybersecurity topics. Given that so many of our clients are using Office 365, I decided to focus my chapter of the book on some basic security tips and techniques for this service. I’m proud to say the book is finally complete and was launched on Amazon on September 12th. If you’d like a copy of the book or just my chapter, I’d be more than happy to share. Many authors will say writing a book (or a chapter, in my case) is a labor of love and now, having done it, I agree. My hope is that a business owner will apply even just one of the ideas in the book to their business to increase its cybersecurity posture.

Having now been through the book-writing process, the jury is still out as to whether I’d do it again. Perhaps a memoir of IT horror stories in honor of Halloween might be interesting and fun. In the meantime, I plan to simply enjoy the upcoming Halloween holiday with some fun decorations, a silly costume and, of course, candy!

Happy Halloween everyone!

First published in our October 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter