With cyberattacks on the rise, an increasing number of small-to-medium sized businesses fall prey to phishing attacks and security breaches daily.  Companies are under increasing pressure to prevent data loss and avoid breaches that damage both profit and reputation.  In the event an email password or network credential is compromised, an attacker is well-poised to breach the company’s systems undetected.

Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) addresses this issue by requiring not only a password but a secondary authentication method—commonly a text or push notification from an app—to prove ownership of an account.  By introducing MFA as a layered security measure, your business security is significantly improved, circumventing a would-be breach from succeeding with a username and password alone.

Have Office 365 or VPN but not MFA?  You probably should since MFA is now included in your plan.

Contact IT Radix and get started with MFA today! We love helping our clients look towards a cyberattack-free future.  

First published in our February 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter