image-security-cyber-security-safety-begins-with-youQuick Tip: It begins with you.

Everyone in an organization is part of protecting personal and organizational data.  From the CEO to the incoming entry-level employee, your cyber security posture is dependent on a shared level of vigilance and awareness.  This week we encourage you to focus on promoting a culture of cyber security throughout all employees.

How?  Many companies promote safety in the workplace.  Similarly, it’s time to embed cyber security in the workplace so that employees’ daily decisions and actions have a heightened awareness of cyber security.

  • Review your business processes with an eye toward cyber security. Just because you’ve always done something a particular way, no longer ensures it has appropriate cyber security protection built-in.
  • Promote collaboration across departments, offices and levels especially if something of concern is detected.
  • Encourage and incentivize shared responsibility – it’s not just IT that is responsible for ensuring cyber security.
  • Be flexible – allow employees to learn and grow as business processes change.

Securing technology assets using firewalls, anti-threats software, and other tools is just a small piece of the cyber security puzzle.  Hackers have changed their tactics and have been using phishing and social engineering scheme to take advantage of employee’s lack of knowledge and carelessness.  By committing from the top down to a culture of cyber security, you can lower your company’s risk.

Need help promoting cyber security?  Give us a call today for more information on security awareness training and ideas you can use in your organization.

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