Proactively fight computer viruses with IT Radix Managed Service Plans

We got a call yesterday from a prospective client, a mid-sized organization with a number of computers. We had spoken with them previously three months prior.

The reason for the call was that their entire network had been hit and crippled by the Crypto Locker virus and they were looking for our help. All of their data had been encrypted on their entire network, including their backup data. Why did this happen? It was the result of how they had configured their network and backup. In addition, they had not put in place strong anti-virus and other security procedures.

IT Radix won’t let this happen to you! When we met previously, we had recommended an IT Management and Support plan that would have prevented this situation from ever occurring.

They have lost all their historical data going back years.   The cost to try to replicate that history will be tremendous in time and money and the day-to-day efficiency of the organization is drastically reduced.   If this organization had made a different decision, then for them, today would be just another normal day.