Beware of Latest Email Scam

IT Radix Red Alert: Beware of a new con using a convincing email re: wire transfer

We’ve had a few clients targeted by a new email scam recently and felt it important to bring to your attention...

It is an email scam or con involving wire transfers.

Don’t Get Hacked!

Have you heard about the recent hack of federal data, supposedly the result of a bug put in federal servers by Chinese hackers?  Apparently they got access to lots of information about federal government employees.  The worm had been in place for months and maybe more than a year, giving the hackers plenty of time to copy millions of records.

Key Learnings from the Big Hack Attacks of 2014

Sony, Home Depot, Target.    All are big companies with huge market value, large customer databases, strong brand names and plenty of budget to spend on data security.  The same cannot be said for organizations in the small business community.   But are there lessons from these breaches that can provide learning to the owner or manager of a small business?  Yes, there certainly are.

Alert: Things to Do to Protect Yourself from Heartbleed

By now, you’ve probably already heard of the web server vulnerability dubbed "Heartbleed".  There is a lot of confusing info about it out there in the wild.  We thought we’d summarize it for you:

What it is?  A bug on some web servers that that can allow the attacker to obtain sensitive user information in a server’s memory including usernames, passwords and credit card numbers from a website.

Reflecting on Cool Tech Gadgets from 2013

Well, the holiday presents have all been opened, the New Year’s champagne bottles are in the recycling bin, and the ink is still wet on your perennial list of New Year’s resolutions. But because of all the holiday hoopla and being so busy with your organization all year, you might have missed some of the coolest technology gadgets introduced in 2013. Here are a few worth checking out and then just imagine what 2014 might bring!



Nokia Lumina 1020 Phone – More a camera than a phone since its photos pack 41 megapixels, this Windows phone might be worth a look by those tired of the Android – Apple standoff.