As I was browsing this weekend, I stumbled across two different but related articles about bees. The first was a study that was recently published about the effect of cell phones on bees. The study finds that cell phones create noise that fatally confuses honeybees. This combined with a variety of other factors may be causing bees populations throughout the world to drop dramatically which has a corresponding negative impact on our food supply. Subsequent to reading this article, I stumbled on a TED Talks video that has some beautiful footage of not only bees, but other pollinators of our world. The photographer’s opening remarks drive home an important concept:  Without bees, there may be no “we’s”–a scary thought indeed.While I’ll admit that I’m unlikely to give up my cell phone, I will commit to trying to reduce my personal usage especially while driving because I’ve always believed that many small steps combined can and will result in significant change. I invite you to join me in reducing your cell phone usage–instead talk to your kids, spouse or significant other, listen (and sing?) to your favorite music in car, admire the spring scenery as you drive, and perhaps together, we’ll save our local honeybees from cell-phone induced confusion.