Like many, I’m looking forward to some summer travels and spending some time on the beach. The first week of July is National Beaches Week. I’m not a fan of sand, but it’s a perfect time to remember the sounds of waves rushing in and out. And while I may not be feeling the sea breezes firsthand, the mere thought of it brings me a sense of calm and relaxation for a few minutes. As we tread into the era of AI and advanced technologies, I’ve been reading about how tech is transforming our beaches and helping preserve and protect our precious coastlines. Technology notwithstanding, I’m always stopping to pick up any trash I encounter as I walk along—I hope you’ll join me in this endeavor and help keep our beaches clean.

Walking is a favorite activity of mine, especially with Reid, our beloved dog. He hasn’t been to the beach, but he does enjoy “putting his toes” in the river in Vermont. Often while we stroll along, I listen to an audiobook, a podcast or one of the episodes from the “Time to Walk” series on Apple Fitness. Sometimes, I just listen to the wind rustling through the trees, the birds sing, or the creek babble. What’s your favorite tech gadget to make your time outdoors more enjoyable and convenient?

Whether your toes are in the sand or you’re daydreaming from your office chair, I hope you’ll take a few moments to take a “trip to the beach” this summer!

First published in our July 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter