image-ITR-Popeye-characterisitics1Last week was the end of the month and it meant we had four clients moving office locations over the span of 3-4 days.  

At one of the clients, Will mentioned that he was moving entire cubicles so he could get to the wiring to disconnect computers.  Jessica jokingly said he earned his can of spinach.  Later that night her mom was at A&P, so she asked her to grab a can of spinach.  And well….see the photos.

At IT Radix, we do what it takes to make sure our clients’ IT is working at their old location and their new.  Our goal is to make the office move as easy as possible, ensuring your staff is as productive as possible throughout the move.  For this client, we ensured that every user had access to their voicemail and email throughout the move remotely.  Actual server down time was only a few hours — the time it took to disconnect the server, drive it to the new office and hook it back up.  When the users showed up onsite, all they had to do was sit down at their new desk and they were off and running.

We’ve got a terrific moving checklist to help make the move process a bit easier from an IT standpoint.  Interested?  Call us today to request your copy.image-ITR-Popeye1