RED Month – FREE Electronic Recycling in November

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November is RED Month

Recycle | Energize | DonateFree Electronic Recycling in November!Drop off your items:
10:00am – 4:00pm, November 1st-30th

Recycle…Give back to the earth and keep electronics out of landfills. Safely recycling and reusing electronics helps keep substances like lead and mercury from harming people or the environment. During the month of November, drop off your items (complete list below) at our IT Radix office.

Energize…by doing good. Making a difference is a great way to ramp up the energy in your life—with immediate results!

Donate…Help others in need.

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Green Vision Inc. specializes in Electronics Recycling. They are dedicated to providing a supported work environment to students and adults with developmental disabilities. Green Vision teaches their staff how to properly dismantle and recycle unwanted electronics. They challenge their staff with tasks that allow them to use problem solving skills while providing an opportunity to earn money, learn transferable skills and gain pride in their accomplishments.

For every recycled computer received, IT Radix will donate $1.00 to Green Vision Inc.. Maybe your business will consider matching? Together, let’s spread some joy this holiday season!

Cables (all types) Hard Drives Phones and Phone Systems
Cameras Hubs Portable Electronics
CD Players iPods Power Supplies
Cell Phones Keyboards/Mice Printers
Chargers LCD Monitors Routers
Circuit Boards Lab Equipment Smart Phones
Computer Chips Laptop Batteries Stereo Components
Computer Equipment Laptops Stereos
Computer Speakers Mainframe Equipment Switches
Computers Media Sticks Telecom Equipment
Cordless Phones Memory Sticks Telephones
Cords Modems Testing Equipment
Dot Matrix Printers Motherboards VCRs
Duplicators Networking Equipment
DVD Players Pagers
Gaming Systems PCI Cards

Remember, in an effort to secure your private data, it’s STRONGLY recommended to erase your hard drive BEFORE recycling your computer.

We recommend getting a Certificate of Destruction. $10.00 per drive will be assessed. Hard Drives are destroyed with degaussing equipment to ensure that insufficient magnetic remnants are rendered useless to reconstruct data. Equipment is four times the government standard and certified by the U.S. Department of Defense.

If certification is not required, hard drives are physically disassembled.

We cannot accept CRT monitors and TVs as they require special handling.

In partnership with:

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Green Vision Inc. is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt program that teaches adolescent students and adults with autism how to properly dismantle and recycle unwanted electronics.Click here to view our past events.