The greeting cards have all been sent, the holiday rush is through, but IT Radix still has a wish to make and it is a special one for YOU! That wish is that you take advantage of the quiet moments in early January and do some things NOW to ensure that your computer network is ready for all that 2017 will bring. Here are some ways to make that wish come true:

1. Review your local backup

  • Has anything changed in the recent past that might affect your local backup?
  • Double check the list of files that are backed up to ensure you’re backing up the right things.

2. Think about a remote backup

  • Are you storing a backup just onsite?
  • Take advantage of the numerous offsite/cloud based backup options available.

3. Clean up your inbox

  • Are you struggling with too many emails in your inbox?
  • Archive old emails and set up folders and/or rules to make filing of routine emails to automatic.

4. Tidy up the server rack

  • Is your server and network rack a spaghetti mess with unlabeled cabling going every which way?
  • Strip everything down and cable it up neatly, including labeling.

5. Examine your security risks

  • Are you sure your network is low risk and your staff is not vulnerable to hacking or phishing attacks that can destroy or steal from your network?
  • Conduct staff training and execute an external, or even better, an internal vulnerability scan and take action on high risk items that emerge.

6. Make sharing files internally easier

  • Is your staff often working remotely and not able to adequately and quickly get the data they need?
  • Consider leveraging a file/share/sync solution and or maximizing the SharePoint site capability of Office365.

7. Add some space or memory

  • Are you sure that your computer and server drives have enough spare room to take in all the new data and applications that will be added in the coming year?
  • Add more memory or computing power now to your internal hardware, or consider moving some applications to the cloud to free up internal resources.

8. Educate and train staff

  • Did you implement any new software applications this year or move to Windows 10 recently?
  • Be sure you and your staff is trained in all the newly added features of updated software so that you take advantage of all the improvements.

9. Phone a Friend

  • Not sure how to implement any of the above or thinking of other things to do during this quite period to be ready for a strong 2017?
  • Give us a call at IT Radix, 973-298-6908, we are filled with ideas and want to make all your wishes come true.