EOL Technology is Nothing to Play With

Certainly not a 1‑Hit Wonder, The Rolling Stones had a minor hit with a B-side single named “Play with Fire.” The song is about an average working-class bloke and his stormy relationship with a high society girl. He admonishes her not to use her status to mess with him—that’s playing with fire!

Hackers Are Always Looking for Security Holes and EOL Technology Provides the Bad Guys With the Express Lane to Attack Your Network

Playing with fire is certainly what organizations are doing if they continue to use outdated or end-of-life (EOL) software and hardware. EOL means NOT that these systems will stop working. But after the specified date, the software or hardware provider will no longer provide security updates. Hackers and criminals are always looking for security holes; and once EOL hits hardware and software, they focus on that. EOL provides the bad guys with the express lane to attack your network.

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First published in our April 2024 IT Radix Resource newsletter