“Spot on” is a “Britishism” in widespread use in American English these days. It means exactly right on target, hitting the bullseye; just like the young and talented archer, Merida, in the 2012 Disney film Brave. Merida says that “Our fate lives in us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.” As the film progresses, she realizes that she must forge a new path in order to feel fulfilled. This requires being brave enough to change.

Change Your Approach to IT Managed Services

Brave business owners and managers of today are changing their approach to the management of their Information Technology Network. Many are bold enough to see in their own organizations that there is not enough knowledge nor enough resources to tackle the ongoing challenges of providing safe, secure, productivity-enhancing IT resources to their firms. These courageous folks are now using Co-Managed IT. What that simply means is that a business owner or manager customizes which IT services to keep in‑house and which to assign to an outside resource. They configure a program that is on target and works exactly right for them. Usually that means moving from total control of their environment with in‑house management to a hybrid or co‑managed form that meets their needs.

The Trend Towards Co-Managed IT Services is Growing

The trend to co-management of IT services has grown for medium and larger organizations that require in‑house support simply due to size and/or complexity of their environment because the speed of technology advancement has increased, as has the growth in the need for cybersecurity. The good news for those who choose this path is that it allows the organization to keep in‑house staff who intimately understand the systems while also providing an established and proven escalation point choice when a new project or a new challenge arises.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of a good relationship with an outside resource are many. While you retain control over operations with your own staff, you have the option of identifying areas of management to source out. As an example, some of our co‑managed clients use IT Radix only for advanced project work, while others prefer to manage that themselves but leverage our able resources for day-to-day user and help desk issues. Other advantages that these brave managers enjoy include knowing that their outsourced firm will be on top of the latest trends that might not be evident to a very busy in‑house support staff. Additionally, they take on less human resources by not having to increase staff for busy times. The largest benefit of co‑managed IT is in today’s most active area—IT security! Best-in-class knowledge, resources, tools and processes are in the hands of firms focused on Information Technology like IT Radix.

What To Consider

Before you pull back your bow to identify your Co‑Managed resource of choice, there are several things to consider. First, be aware, there are usually some upfront fees to cover the resources you need. Second, it’s important to find the right partner and not just outsource to just anyone. You want your partner to be “spot on” for you. This is where brave managers must focus and evaluate resources to find the best fit. After all, no one wants too many “drawbacks” (pun intended).

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First published in our July 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter