January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month

The start of a new year is a traditional time for new resolutions.  You should consider resolving to Keep Your Computer Clean in 2022.  Here are a few things you can do regularly to accomplish that goal:

Check Your Backup

Before changing/deleting anything on your computer, be sure your key files are backed up and up to date.  It is a safety measure just like putting on your seat belt.

Restart Regularly

Restarting (aka rebooting) is the easiest way to solve most computer problems.  Doing so regularly will assist you in keeping your processing power at a high level.

Manage Start-Up Programs

Closing apps or programs that automatically start each time you power on is another good habit.  Do so by opening task manager (click Windows Icon in lower left and type “Task Manager”), click on Start Up and disable those programs that you do not automatically need each day.

Remove “Bloatware” and Unused Apps

Click the Windows icon and type “Add/Remove” and choose Add/Remove Programs.  Go through the list that displays and uninstall any apps for which you have no use.  Another method is choosing Device Optimization which is available in many anti-virus solutions.

Use Disk Cleanup

Again, via the Windows Icon, type “Disk Cleanup.”  This feature can delete leftover files from installations, temporary storage, set‑up log files and more.  Click to choose which to delete!

Review the Downloads Folder

This folder is often overlooked and gets filled up quickly with anything you have downloaded.  Review it regularly and delete anything not needed and/or already filed in another location in the computer.

Empty the Recycle Bin

Everything deleted finds a resting place in your recycle bin to give you a second chance to review deletions.  Frequently, give that icon a right click and review what’s there and empty the trash!

Use an Organized Filing System

If your desktop is filled with icons and unrecognizable file names, it is time to use some sort of system since what you are doing may be slowing both you and your computer down.

Clean Your Email Folders

We can devote another whole article on how to address this topic, suffice it to say that this should be added to the list.

Defragment Your Storage

Type “defrag” in the start menu and use disk defragmenter to find and compress all the used space between files to create more space and speed up processes.

Examine Browser Extensions

Look into the “how to” of removing unused browser extensions for whatever internet browser you frequent.

Clean the Physical Machine

PCs that sit on the floor are magnets for dirt and dust and pet hair.  Consider cleaning it a few times a year…only when the power is off.  You can use a mini vacuum and/or pick up a computer or TV cleaning kit (do not spray the machine, spray the cloth!) at an office supply store and get to it!

Make 2022 the best year ever!  Cleaning up your computer is a great way to start.  Contact IT Radix today for more ways to make IT work for you!

First published in our January 2022 IT Radix Resource newsletter