A mantra of security that the IT professionals at IT Radix recite often is that when it comes to protection of a network and/or of data, layers of security is the answer. Some might say, it is the best answer.

We are fortunate to have one of the area’s most preeminent business and cybersecurity insurance firms as a client. In fact, our client advises customers and sells policies to large organizations across the United States. Their leader is a well-known and sought-after speaker and subject matter expert on the topic of cybersecurity. People go to him because he knows!

Even with that pedigree and experience, IT Radix is able to help this client by applying multiple layers of security across their network landscape. Since much of their staff works remotely all the time additional layers of protection were merited.

Here is a high level overview of just a few of the layers we put in place to minimize their risk of a breach or any other business data loss or disruption:

Users’ Devices (including computers and smartphones for onsite and remote use)

  • Ensured all are running Windows 10 as that is the latest and most secure PC operating system
  • Guaranteed all vendor patches are installed in a timely fashion
  • Provided consistently updated anti-virus software
  • Deployed a real-time URL checker to review all emails and websites to block access to malicious links
  • Limited local administrator access for users to control downloads
  • Protected each machine with a software firewall
  • Enhanced email security including encryption and multi-factor authentication
  • Limited network access to only authenticated users via multi-factor authentication
  • Created a secure tunnel over the web via SSL VPN for remote access to the network
  • Implemented security policies that isolate work email and information from personal on employee smartphones
  • Managed security awareness training and testing on an ongoing basis for all staff on how to minimize risks of breaches and data losses


  • Configured and installed a network firewall to monitor and secure all packets flowing through
  • Set up VLANs internally to create multiple separate and secure areas of the network
  • Implemented a comprehensive policy and strategy of restricted permissions to company data (files and folders) to only those who need to know have permission
  • Tightened Active Directory security to authenticate each user and each machine that seeks to gain access to the network

Our client can share many horror stories about cybersecurity failures, but he cannot do so about his firm because he has allowed IT Radix to put in place these protective measures and strictures.

So here is some advice for the Fall…Layer Up! Layer up as the cold winds blow and layer up with many or all of the security features listed above. The professionals at IT Radix would be happy to help with security advice—but not fashion advice, that’s up to you.

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