Building a successful relationship with your MSP (Managed Service Provider) creates value for your business.

Today’s businesses rely on a solid foundation of technology to bring innovative capabilities, speed and flexibility to their customers. Like any other relationship, the partnership between your organization and your MSP is based on trust. You’re trusting that they will always act in your best interest and focus on the success of your business. But what happens when that trust is broken?

One of our new clients experienced this dilemma firsthand. This client provides rental, sales and service of hydraulic and pneumatic systems used for jacking, hoisting, lifting and moving. They had an employee who not only managed internal IT but had a very tight relationship with the company’s outsourced MSP. A variety of tech issues arose—wireless, security, printing, to name a few. The employee seemed unwilling or unable to move resolution of the issues along and guarded his interactions with the MSP closely. As a result, the owner began to feel that his best interests were not being represented by either his internal employee or the MSP. When he opted to terminate the employee, he severed the MSP relationship as well. Unfortunately, the company was left in a position where they had no institutional IT knowledge (including no systems credentials), but IT Radix stepped in to resolve the issues and establish secure protocols.

IT Radix’s core values and strong communication strengthen our successful MSP relationships with clients.

IT Radix operates on a core set of values that puts clients first. We practice open and honest communications with our clients and each other and believe transparency is key to building and maintaining trust. Regular business reviews with clients are put in place to provide a broader forum to assess the health of the relationship and opportunities to strengthen it.

We also know that building a successful relationship with your MSP should be about more than numbers. Our most successful client relationships include a healthy level of social partnership along with a strong model for mutual benefit.

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