That’s Not How IT Works…You’re Doing IT Wrong!

That’s Not How IT Works…You’re Doing IT Wrong!

Many will recall a TV ad a few years ago for Geico with a senior citizen named Beatrice claiming she saved a ton of time by posting pictures on her apartment wall rather than mailing them to all her friends. One friend tells her she “LIKES” that one. Another friend finally tells Beatrice, “That’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works.” From that, the whole meme of “You’re Doing it Wrong” gained further steam. You can see the original ad here.

We have met numerous small business executives, professionals and managers who really are “doing it wrong.” And by that, we mean they think they are saving money by having themselves or a staff member, whose job position is something other than IT support (they may be in sales, management, HR, operations etc.), be responsible for their Information Technology needs. Typically, one business partner or manager is tasked with taking care of all things technical in a small business. They are the person any other staff member calls when they lose a file, cannot print, cannot find an email, or have trouble connecting in any way. The only problem is—well there are numerous problems actually—they are not saving any money; in fact, they are losing money with this approach. In 1748, Ben Franklin stated that “Time is Money” and well over 250 years later this statement still rings true today. Any manager with a pay rate near the average in our area is costing money when he or she is dealing with IT issues instead of generating revenue or reducing costs as part of their real, core job position. The “time” of any professional such as a lawyer, accountant, medical professional, architect (we could go on and on) is worth far more in productive work rather than in reactive troubleshooting of IT issues.

Doing IT Right by Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT has numerous advantages beyond adequate allocation of resources, including the potential to cut costs, reduce overhead, increase productivity, streamline operations, and simplify the enterprise. On top of that, an outsourced IT professional firm will likely be far more up to date with technical issues because they see them literally every day. Firms like IT Radix offer clients a variety of options in terms of services based on their business goals and needs. And finally, in an age when cyber and data security needs are increasing rapidly, letting an outside professional take on the IT responsibility is the smart business move. Click here and see how our clients are doing IT right!

So, to paraphrase Spike Lee, “Do the right thing and stop doing it wrong.” Contact us here for a free consultation to discuss how our IT Managed Service approach would help you do IT right!