Risk-taking is par for the course for entrepreneurs. Taking the leap to start a business is just the first in a series of risks an owner will take to gain a competitive edge and move the enterprise forward. But excessive or impulsive risk-taking can destroy a business. A well-informed risk-taking spirit recognizes gambles that are worth taking and those that aren’t. For one of our new clients, not having predictable monthly IT expenses and all-inclusive service was a gamble they weren’t willing to take.

Our client runs two companies which are in the same city, with plans to move them both to the same office building within the year. Their businesses are residential construction related, and they interact with a host of suppliers to bring their projects in on time and on budget for their clients. The owner works remotely for part of the year and depends on uninterrupted connectivity to keep the business running smoothly. So, it was important to him to have the certainty of unlimited service and a predictable monthly IT budget versus a pay-as-you-go plan. Their current IT service provider was pricey and unreliable.

Additionally, they felt that they were lagging technologically. They contacted IT Radix at the recommendation of another provider who wasn’t large enough to handle their needs.

A proactive approach to IT gives peace of mind

This client was willing to pay for the value of having problems prevented before they occurred. Our state-of-the-art support plans keep networks and computers current with the latest software updates, anti-virus and critical security patches. We keep an eye on the general health of computer systems 24/7 and can detect and prevent most potential IT issues before they happen. Plus, we offer a range of plans to fit the individual business owner’s needs. This client opted for a plan that includes full IT Help Desk support to keep monthly IT expenses predictable. They can now focus on consolidating their physical location and serving their customers without the worry of technology glitches.

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