Successful small business owners recognize the importance of staying “lean and mean” when it comes to operating expenses. Staying on top of finances helps to avoid unforeseen debt and leaves money available to invest in and grow the business.

And yet, delaying investments for too long also has its risks. A recently acquired client had been using a sole proprietor to manage their IT needs for 20 years. Their business had grown to the point where they clearly needed more support, but the sole proprietor solution was incredibly cost effective. Even though the principals recognized that their technology was behind the times, especially as related to security, increasing the IT budget was not in their immediate plans.

That is until the sole proprietor accepted a full-time position elsewhere. The company was forced to re-evaluate their IT support. They turned to IT Radix and another firm to propose how they could update their technology and manage IT moving forward without breaking the bank.

Review your IT managed services options

After reviewing the proposals and conducting a series of follow-up meetings, the company chose IT Radix as their provider. While our proposal represented an increase in their IT expenses, we respected that this was a huge shift for them. Our proposal allowed them to focus on the most important things to do first and laid out a plan and schedule for subsequent projects.

People are an important part of the equation

The process also made clear how important people are in the service equation. Our proposal and the client’s interactions with us throughout this period showed that we were flexible, responsive to their needs and committed to their ongoing success.

At IT Radix, our clients come first. We understand that every business is unique and customize our services to meet clients’ specific needs. We’re glad that our approach allowed this client to bring their technology up-to-date while maintaining control over their expenses.

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