image-lifesaversDid you know that the candy, Life Savers, invented in 1912, was created as a “summer candy” because it could withstand the heat better than chocolate?  What measures do you have in place to protect your business from the “heat” of cyber threats?  Sadly, cyber threats are everywhere and growing daily.  October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM); so, we thought it appropriate to toss you a few cyber security “life savers.”


Things you can do to raise cyber security awareness…

…in one minute:

  • Send an email to employees encouraging them to review tips and advice found online at the STOP. THINK.CONNECT. campaign ( created as part of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).
  • Request an external vulnerability scan to assess your current security posture.

…in one hour:

  • Add extra layers of security to your email and online accounts by enabling technologies such as two-factor authentication.
  • Have your staff watch an online security awareness training video.

…in one day:

  • Have a lunch’n’learn for your employees to discuss your company’s IT security and acceptable use policies.
  • Review your cyber liability insurance coverage. Perfect cyber security is unattainable, even for large businesses.  Ensure you’re covered assuming you have good basic security practices.  If you’re not sure if you have the basics in place, ask us before you answer that cyber insurance questionnaire!

…all month long:

  • Work with your IT staff or consultant to review all the technology in your office to evaluate potential cyber risks and preventative measures. Do not limit your review to just computers.  Be sure to include reviewing printers, scanners, video surveillance and/or security systems, time and attendance systems, phone systems, environmental control systems and all connecting network equipment.
  • Create a contingency plan in the event of a data breach.

…all year round:

  • Include cyber security tips in your employee handbooks, company newsletters and other company communications.
  • Routinely review and update your IT security policies thus ensuring that they address current threats and best practices. You do have IT security policies in place, right?

Work with your IT staff or consultant to implement cyber security best practices and shore up any risks identified in your review during NCSAM.  At a minimum, every business

  • should manage and maintain all security software, ensure all programs have the latest security updates, and ensure that their backup is running successfully and tested accurately.

Being a victim of cyber security is not a “hole” lot of fun!  Do you find all this overwhelming?  IT Radix is here to help.  We can assist from the basic planning to training and full-scale implementation.

Cyber security is a team sport.  IT Radix wants to be part of your team so you can live the sweet life!

First published in our October 2016 IT Radix Resource newsletter

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